Use these 5 Email Tips to appear Smarter than your Peers

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

Grab the right opportunities at the right time!

Every workplace is full of opportunities and being a smart player can take you places. Emails are the go-to communication tool for the modern workplace and you can prove your edge over your peers by being ‘Email Smart.’ Here are 5 quick tips from American Author & Comedienne Sarah Cooper to grab the right opportunities at the right time before they are tagged taken by others:

1. Dealing with Long Threads

Dealing with long threads can exhaust everyone. Be the first person to suggest a meeting when the email thread reaches a threshold of 25 to and fro(s). Your boss will thank you later for this advice.

2. Capture the Happy Moments

Be the first one to click ‘reply all’ and type a ‘Congrats’ when “Hari Prasad is blessed with a baby girl”, “Harry &Sejal are officially engaged”, “the new product is launching next month” or “your Boss/Peer has got promoted” and so on. It shows how good a team player you are. Same goes for sad news, quickly respond with ‘sorry to hear that’, ‘condolences’ or ‘Get Well Soon’

3. Add Brackets

Create interesting subject lines by putting important information in brackets. For example: [Project Update], [Confidential], [FYI Only], [Respond ASAP], etc. It will help others to prioritize their inboxes too.

4. Acronyms

Use acronyms like LGTM (Looks Good To Me), SGTM (Sounds Good To Me), TL;DR (Too Long; Don’t Read), FWIW (For What It’s Worth), CIL (Critical Items List), and so on to get the curious buds ticking.

5. Taming the Buggers

There are certain colleagues who push things towards others without making an inch of effort themselves. For such people, do not respond to their emails even at the end of the day (forget immediately) if you feel that it’s their task and they need to dig information themselves. Chances are they’ll do the hard work if you don’t spoon feed them immediately. If they still email you back after a day or two, you may respond to their query precisely citing you had a bulk of emails in your inbox and theirs just got buried under some.

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