Waiting to hear back for your job interview? Here’s what to Do and Not Do!

Representative Image: Getty images

Representative Image: Getty images

Here are a few things that you should and shouldn’t do.

While we all prepare well and present the very best at our job interviews, the time when you wait to hear back from your hiring manager is often the toughest to Keep Calm and Wait. In today’s times of cutthroat competition most of us lack patience and easily get anxious regarding a job interview, however when you’re waiting for a response from your prospective employer, here are a few things that you should and shouldn’t do:

Don’t Sound Desperate

You must think that you’re leaving a good impression of being more than eager to join, however, the employers at times take this as a desperate attempt to quit your present job. In case you haven’t heard back after the interview for a week, one or 2 phone calls or emails is all right; however, do not overdo it. Shooting one email after another, without any response, makes you less desirable. Also, if you seem too desperate, the employer is in a better position to impose such terms and conditions of your employment that might benefit him more than you.

Don’t Fret

Eagerly waiting to hear from your prospective employer is natural and human, however, you need to curb these tendencies and distract yourself so that in case, just in case you do not get the job you wouldn’t completely lose it. When waiting, don’t fret much, keep yourself engaged and most importantly keep looking for other options as well. In case you don’t hear back within a week, get back to your hiring manager via an email or phone call.

Do Respond Timely

Once you’re through with the interview, your job is done. If the company gets in touch with you post-interview, you must reply or respond within a few hours of receiving the message, instead of putting it off. In case you’re going out of town or are expected to be busy for the next few days, update your status or set an OOO.

Keep Calm and Move on

If a week or two have passed-by and you don’t hear back from the job interview or you hear back and come to know you haven’t gotten it, what’s next? Is the world over? No, definitely not. Introspect and think how you could have been better and just don’t lose hope, start looking for other options!

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