What to do when your Boss Rejects Your Work?

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

3 options that will help you grow and learn out of this rejection.

Often, the ideas that we invent and find creative are not perceived in the same taste by our bosses, so instead of opting for the clichéd reactions to rejection of your ideas or work, opt for these 3 options that will help you grow and learn out of this rejection:

1. Ask for Feedback

Instead of either silently accepting rejection or arguing with your boss on the shortcomings of your idea or project, you could simply ask him to give you a feedback and any suggestions that could help make the idea a better one. This not just helps in scoring a few brownie points with your boss but also shows that you are open to feedback and ready to learn from rejections.

2. Show your Never-Give-Up side

Usually, the motivation behind an idea is to resolve an issue, so in case your idea is rejected ask your boss about the shortcomings or flaws in your idea and communicate that you’ll work on it. The willness to never give up is an essential life skill that employers today absolutely adore in their employees.

3. Do not Forget to be Thankful

In case your idea is rejected and you don’t want to push it or pursue it any further, its best that you simply thank your boss or supervisor for the time s/he spared for you and thank for the feedback. This helps in maintaining an amicable and respectable relationship between you two. And lastly do not fret or look frown!

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