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Why Continuous Learning is the Most Important Pillar of Success?

 (Photo courtesy: AFP Realxnews/  kieferpix/

(Photo courtesy: AFP Realxnews/ kieferpix/

It's time to judge yourself!

From Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence, or from IQ to EQ, the world is rapidly moving forward in the vast expanse. With new innovations in every field taking place each day, prodigies replacing the old or run, and the world becoming more and more aware of success and how it tastes, how can you afford to not move forward with equal pace?

However, the right way of creating success is not rushing or stumbling upon it; but by nurturing the learner in you and letting your inquisitive nature throw questions that light bulbs of innovation and creativity.

Let’s dive in 3 practical ways to stay on the path of continuous learning:

1. Question Yourself Often

Question yourself often if you are enthused with your job, your career, your professional status or there’s something more you want in life. The art of failing lies in living in the comfort zone and being satisfied with yourself. Do not!

2. A Personal Appraisal before Performance Appraisal

Atleast 2 quarters before you are due for a Performance Appraisal, sit and do your Personal Appraisal. Vision things how they look 2 quarters from now, given the pace you are moving at. It will give you a true picture of what’s lying ahead and how you can just turn-around things, in time. Acquire skillset or mindset that’ll help you be an Exceptional Performer (EP) than a Valued Performer (VP).

3. Read & Grasp

Do not let your intelligence or professional prowess dupe you into a comfort zone. If you are the top-notch employee in your bay, Think-Outside-the-Office and you’ll see where the world is moving. Compete with yourself, read, grasp and let continuous improvement on your current self be the mantra to unbeatable success.

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