Creating New Memories With Old Songs: Sanam, The Band That Redefined The Meaning of Renditions

If there’s one band that is redefining the meaning of renditions in today’s time, it has to be Sanam. A four-member band that started with renditions and covers, Sanam has garnered more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube.

First published: July 5, 2018, 1:57 PM IST | Updated: July 5, 2018
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Sanam Puri, the lead vocalist of the band, along with Samar, Venky and Keshav, has been recreating old music in a new avatar with his melodious voice.

“Honestly, what we're doing is just making music. We're putting in efforts that everybody is loving. We enjoy the process and whatever is coming in return. You know, the love that we want to give through our music, we're receiving it back. Obviously, it feels nice that we have become a channel which has helped people recognize songs from that era,” he says.

What’s interesting is the variety of audience that the band caters to. “Usually, if an older artist performs somewhere, you'll have the older crowd. A younger artist performs, you'll have the kids. So, for example, our first Mauritius gig was attended by quite a few young people. Then the gig after that, when we went back to Mauritius, those same people had come with their parents and their grandparents. You have like a wide variety of people who come for our shows, which is quite cool. I think its because of the songs,” says Keshav, the drummer of the band.

Watch the full chat to get to know the band more closely.

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