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Have You Ever Seen Olympic-Themed Nail Art?

Aug 16, 2016 01:52 PM IST iVideos iVideos

These mini works of art are popping up all over the world - and you may have noticed that they're Rio themed.

Olympic-styled designs are appearing on manicures everywhere. It's support for the games at the tips of your fingers.

Designs include everything from Olympic rings, medals and the city of Rio to patriotic flags, gold medals and even palm trees.

Nail art's a major part of today's beauty business. The overall nail industry is worth 8.5 billion dollar business. This includes nail art, as well as extensions, gel polish manicures, and pedicures according to Nails Magazine, the industry resource for professional nail technicians.

Erika Kotite, Editor-in-Chief of Nails magazine describes it as a 'nail art phenomenon'.