Immersive : A Movement is Unifying Dissent in Villages, Patthargarhi

The stone claims that all identification cards -- Aadhaar, voter ids, etc -- are anti-adivasi documents. And that adivasis are actually the rulers of India, not ordinary citizens on whom Indian laws like IPC and CRPC apply.

First published: March 26, 2018, 12:12 PM IST | Updated: March 26, 2018
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Inside the adivasi movement for sovereignty that has swept across central India. In hundreds of 'Patthargarhi' villages, across several states in India, MPs, MLAs, police and state IDs like voter cards and Aadhaar aren't welcomed anymore. Why have de facto village republics emerged in central India and what is the phenomenon of 'Patthargarhi'? News18 travelled to Jharkhand to find the answers to these pressing questions in this web documentary short. brings to you a special series on the movement led by adivasis, which has spread across hundreds of villages in several states.

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