Immersive: 'Nehru Choron ka Pradhanmantri', Inside The Schools Of Adivasistan I Patthargarhi

"Adivasis leading the exclusionist 'Patthargarhi' drive are forcing their children out of government schools and providing them an alternative education in their own schools. We take you to their classrooms."

First published: March 26, 2018, 12:18 PM IST | Updated: April 2, 2018
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The students, from as young as 5 to as old as 12, who till last month used to study in various grades in local government schools, are now beginning their education all over again.
This is the first standard of the newly devised adivasi school syllabus prescribed by tribal leaders in Khunti, who have declared autonomy from India.
The exercise of seeking autonomy from India started around a year ago in this district in Jharkhand through a ceremony called Patthargarhi. Sixty villages in this district alone have done Patthargarhi, which means they don’t recognise the government of India anymore, including its institutions like Parliament, legislative assemblies, identification cards and its education system. brings to you a special series on the movement led by adivasis, which has spread across hundreds of villages in several states.

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