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Indian Chieftain Dark Horse Review

Aug 29, 2017 02:23 PM IST iVideos iVideos

An American bagger cruiser, an open highway and pleasant weather that keeps you company throughout the journey. Some good old country music playing alongside the modest rumble of your motorcycle for hours and hours. That’s a cruiser motorcycle enthusiast’s wet dream and the reality often takes shape in the form of a motorcycle like the Indian Chieftain Dark Horse.
There are seldom such motorcycles that turn heads like the ones made by the American motorcycle maker Indian, and the Chieftain Dark Horse keeps the legacy alive. But given the price tag that it comes with, it needs to deliver on a lot of expectations. How does it fare? Let’s find out.

Reviewer - Manav Sinha
Frames - Siddharth Safaya
Creatives - Abhishek Sharma