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Is FaceApp A Threat To Your Privacy?

Jul 19, 2019 09:12 PM IST India India

We all uses apps, but there are different preferences for different groups. But one app, that is becoming increasingly popular with almost everyone, most likely millennials, is FaceApp - an app made by Russian developer. This is a free to download app, with in-app purchases for additional filters which has already got over 10 crore users. But did you read the terms and conditions of the app carefully? We aren't alleging that FaceApp developers mean to sell your photos or have any malicious intent. But the way its terms and conditions have been worded it is coming across a concern. There is nothing to stop the app developers from selling your photo to another party or set of parties. It can then be used for everything from advertising and to even training AI algorithms, somewhere in the world. Basically, this Russian company has the right to do whatever it is they want to do with their photos, if they wish to, and you cannot revoke this right. Watch our video to know more.