Kapil Sharma and Ishita Dutta Enact Bollywood Scenes With Firangi Twist

When Kapil Sharma and Ishita Dutta put on their acting caps for News18.com


First published: December 13, 2017, 7:53 PM IST | Updated: December 13, 2017
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When Kapil Sharma and Ishita Dutta paid a visit to News18.com, we thought why not ask the Firangi stars to give an English twist to some of the iconic scenes from Bollywood films.
Now imagine, DDLJ's climax, beautiful right but, what if the dialogues were in English? What if Sunny Deol confronted the evil Katyaa and his brothers in English? And to top it all, what if all these dialogues were delivered in a humorous style by Kapil himself? Then, you are definitely in for a treat. So, sit back and enjoy as Kapil and Ishita try not to get lost in translation!

Video Editing: Kailash Chandra
Creatives: Nitin Sharma
Production: Badsha Ray

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