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Role Reversal: What if Women Harassed Men on Holi?

Mar 20, 2019 07:10 AM IST iVideos iVideos

The festival of colours is back and so is the time when miscreants cause nuisance in the garb of Holi. 'Bura Na Mano Holi Hai' (Don't feel bad, it's Holi) is commonly a presented excuse to shelter those who misbehave and often manhandle others. Adding to the list is the horrific semen-slinging incident which took place recently in Delhi. The incident has left everyone wondering, "Is Holi a festival or an opportunity to showcase how low a person can stoop to?" So News18.com's Badsha Ray decided to step into the shoes of the victim and feel the pain and humiliation one has to suffer in the name of celebrating Holi. Our intent is to spread the message of enjoying responsibly and respecting others' integrity. So this Holi stand-up, fight back and Bura Mano Kyuki Holi Hai !

Creatives & Frames: Hitesh Singh
Producer: Badsha Ray