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Tomatina Festival: Why It Shouldn't Be Celebrated In India

Aug 31, 2018 05:18 PM IST iVideos iVideos

Over 20,000 grown-ups gathered in the small Spanish town of Buno to participate in an annual event which is referred to as world's biggest food fights. The highlight of the epic Spanish street festival is the tomato fight which is observed between 11am to 1 pm in Buñol near Valencia every year on the last Wednesday in August though the partying starts earlier in the week. There is no one particular version of how the festival kicked off, but the tradition of a tomato fight has taken place in Bunol since 1944, although it was banned during much of the Franco years for having no religious significance – it was revived in the 1970s. The festival was banned in Delhi, Karnataka in 2011. The events was slammed and and the concept drew flak from the world during the 2016 “tomato emergency” in Nigeria. However, reportedly in 2013, a water park organised their version of the festival in Patna, Bihar. And in 2014, Vadodara saw a private event with a similar concept.