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10 Delicious Homemade Ice-cream for All the Purists

Photo: Flickr/ Hanumann

Photo: Flickr/ Hanumann

Nothing is as spectacular like homemade ice cream and is also a great way to treat guests. You might be amazed by just how easy it is, if you are a newbie.

Sweet, crowd-pleasing and indulgent—what's not to love about ice creams? Just the thought of ice cream is sufficient to invoke dreams of summery weekends sprawling around with a delicious ice-cold treat. Yes, the store-bought stuff is handy however it's not tough to whip a batch of rich, thick ice cream in less than half an hour.

Nothing is as spectacular like homemade ice cream and is also a great way to treat guests. You might be amazed by just how easy it is, if you are a newbie. All you need to do is gather patience till it freezes and you are rewarded with an undeniable bend-your-spoon dessert. Just take some time and pick which one to make first.

1. Rosewater and Saffron

The sweet-smelling ice cream is evocative with savor and essence. By tradition, it’s made into an ice cream sandwich by serving between two thin crackers nonetheless it's just as enjoyable on its own.

2. Vanilla Bean

This outstandingly creamy ice cream banks on two surprising components - corn starch in order to thicken it and cream cheese for that texture. We are sure you will admit guilty as charged after a bite into this heavenly serving.

3. Coffee

This creamy treat is made with crushed espresso beans and has true java flavor. The cold and caffeinated version of an ice cream can be whipped for an at-home coffeeshop vibe.

4. Banana with chocolate chip chunks

It has the goodness of bananas for the extra creaminess. Okay you got me, who cares about the bananas if it has chocolate in it. There cannot be a better use for bananas than this chocolate-y icy delight. Prefer overripe bananas to get the deepest flavor.

5. Peach and blueberry

Ripe and aromatic peaches are the champions of this simple seasonal ice cream, in the middle of summer. Prepare a double batch of the jam in advance and then stir it in when topping toast. There’s no sweeter scoop made from fresh fruit for both flavor and color.

6. Watermelon

Nothing screams summer like slices of watermelon, and this one takes it to another level. Coconut milk is infused for the base with its velvety-smooth texture and lime adds a flavor lift that subtly deepens the juicy watermelon taste.

7. Strawberry

This homemade ice cream becomes extra special when two ingredients come together - puréed/ fresh strawberries and halved berries for a true fruity and creamy taste. The former gives the frosty treat a pink color and the latter adds a bit of texture.

8. Mint chip

No ice cream maker? Not to worry! Whip an easy base for ice cream with sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream. Peppermint extract or fresh-from-the-garden mint is your primary sought. You may go ahead and add a drop of green food coloring for a slight of mint color.

9. Cookies and cream

All Oreo lovers hail, for this black and white ice cream is here. The super simple base is made with skim milk, heavy cream, and sugar. Then add egg yolks and fold in sandwiches for a rich, decadent scoop. You can dig right in or wait till it’s frozen, the choice is yours.

10. Coconut

There's so much flavour in this recipe all thanks to unfiltered coconut oil and coconut flakes that really take this treat to the next level. It may seem ordinary vanilla first, but toasted coconut flakes infuse the dairy with sweet flavor. They're heated with milk, heavy cream, sugar and egg yolks just before it's time to churn.