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10 Dishes by Top MasterChef Australia Season 13 Contestants that Won Over the Judges' Palates

10 Dishes by Top MasterChef Australia Season 13 Contestants that Won Over the Judges' Palates

Here is a look at the best dishes made by the top 10 contestants of MasterChef Australia season 13.

After battling it out through pressure tests, eliminations and many mystery boxes, MasterChef Australia Season 13 has got their top 10 contestants who will be fighting for the coveted title. This season has seen the most simple and unheard dishes making highlights. Right from Kishwar’s Khichdi to Tommy’s Zucchini Bánh Cuốn, we bring you a list of top 10 recipes from the top 10 contestants that have stood out.

Depinder Chhibber - Tiffin Box with Chole, Paratha and Kadhai Paneer

This basic Indian ‘Dabba’ made the judges and the viewers go crazy about its flavour and presentation. Cooking for the first time on the MasterChef Australia stage, this simple tiffin with Chole, Paratha, Kadhai Paneer and aachar made Depinder an overnight star.

Justin Narayan - Noodle Taco


One of the most experimental and quirky take on noodles landed Justin the first spot in the top 10. Being one of the most applauded dishes in the competition, the judges were amused by Justin’s line of thought for the dish and its perfect flavours.

Kishwar Chowdhury - Barramundi Tomato Fish Curry aka Macher jhol

We don’t think Macher jhol had ever made headlines until Kishwar presented it to the MasterChef judges! This staple fish curry cooked in typical Bengali spices left the judges in awe of the flavour. Kishwar’s small yet significant efforts to bring Bangladeshi cuisine to the international stage made a huge impact.

Tommy Pham - Flanilla

While Tommy is better known for his expertise in Vietnamese cuisine, his take on vanilla and flan gave the judges an absolute child-like bliss. This fancy-looking sweet dish was put together from scratch by Tommy and turned out to be one of the best dishes from the season.

Linda Dalrymple - Lotus Flower Pond

This absolutely gorgeous and delicious sweet dish wowed the judges. Presented with absolute perfection, Linda brought this wholesome lotus cookie with caramelized banana puree, vanilla ice cream and granita giving a well balanced SouthEast Asian flavour to it.

Minoli De Silva - Kiwi Fruit Curry

Bringing the authentic Sri Lankan flavours, Minoli bowled the judges over with her Kiwi Fruit Curry. Opting for this dish in the auditions round, Minoli secured her place in the competition.

Scott Bagnell - Pavlova Roulade with BBQ Pineapple and Molasses Lime

Scott’s modern spin to the retro classic Pavlova Roulade with exotic BBQ Pineapple and Molasses Lime landed him a spot in the top 10. This delicious looking dish gave him the much-deserved spot.

Sabina Newton- Fisherman’s Stew

Known for her love and expertise in seafood, Sabina’s recent recipe – a typical Fisherman’s stew, got her a pat on her back from the judges. This one’s a wholesome food to enjoy with your family if you love seafood.

Pett Campbell - Octopus Roasted Salsa

Although already in the top 10, Pete’s recent dish from team challenge Pett surprised the judges with his perfect Octopus Roasted Salsa. Cooking the Octopus coated in salsa in a furnace for the first time, Pete’s dish was thoroughly enjoyed by the judges.

Elisa Pulbrook - Sri Lankan King Prawn Curry and Tamarind Eggplant

Using her heritage from Sri Lanka, Elisa’s Sri Lankan Prawn Curry with Tamarind Eggplant was an absolute wholesome cultural spread at MasterChef Australia. Filled with accurate spice and cooked to absolute perfection the dish really was one of her best and one to remember.

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