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12 types of geeks we all have in our lives

By: Shriya Agarwal


Last Updated: August 10, 2015, 17:14 IST

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Based on what this dictionary says, you might end up working for one of these types of Geeks some day, so take a close look.

Do their talks sound like techno-babble, or a lot of jargons put together? Well, you just might have come across a Geek then. It isn’t necessary to be mainstream, is it? Geeks are unconventionally amazing people; they are uncanny. If a person is obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit that makes him/her good in a particular field, what’s there to joke or tease about? A Geek can be an awesome person you couldn’t discover, because you were too busy judging him/her. And last but not the least, it’s the Geeks and nerds who are ruling the world today. An Urban dictionary says that a Nerd is the person you will one day call "boss" and a Geek is the person you picked on in high school and ended up working for as an adult. Based on what this dictionary says, you might end up working for one of these types of Geeks some day, so take a close look.

The Gamer Geek: For a Gamer Geek the virtual world is so addicting that life without games seems unreal. If you’re familiar with terms like arcade, racing, FPS, TPS, RPG, MMORPG and so on and these words form a part of your everyday conversations, then you probably belong to this league.

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The Music Geek: If you went to this party where you heard some of your recent favorites and started talking about the singers, instruments, musicians, and genres of music, then you might be a music enthusiast. But if you also start talking about the cliffs, crotchets, bass, quaver, semibreve and minims, well, then you might as well call yourself a Music Geek.

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Internet Geek: You don’t need to underestimate yourself, just stay happy with using Chrome even if you don’t know what Boolean Logic, CGI, FTP, Spiders, TELNET, Truncation etc. are, because probably only an Internet Geek would be interested in knowing these terms.

Food Geek: Most people love food. But who thinks about food beyond the menu and some basic recipes? Undoubtedly, a Food Geek does. Are these words: Cottage laws, Rapid-turnover, Bain-marie, GBD, Queez, Mise en place, Duece, Bouillon, Estouffade etc., going over your head? Ask a Food Geek and she/he will be able to tell you what these weird looking words mean.

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Car/ Techno Geek: What do you need to drive a car? Accelerator, Break, Clutch, Gears etc. A car can be driven without a regular girl/guy knowing what these technical terms like Immobiliser, Kickdown, MacPherson struts, Monocoque, Power train, Planetary gears, Rack-and-pinion steering etc. refer to. However, a Car Geek/Techno Geek will not be able to refrain from techno-speaking sessions and will find them essential to understanding machines/gadgets and working with them better.

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Sport Geek: Say for example you visit a resort for a holiday and watch a few people playing Golf. Some general terms you’d hear might be the tee, bunker, the green, etc. However, when the conversation progresses, if you start hearing words like Dogleg, eagle, birdie, bogie, pars, collar, draw and the fairway, just know that a Golf Geek is talking. A Sport Geek would probably know about the basic jargons used in almost any of the sports.

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Film Geek: Most of us watch films. Many of us might think that we are Film Geeks with respect to the number of films we might have seen, but it takes much more to be called one. When a Geek reads, he does so because he is obsessed with a subject. When you come across a real Film Geek you’d probably find out that he/she knows what Champagne Roll, Alan Smithee, Greenscreen, Honeywagons, Squib, Rhubarb, Rotoscoping, Whip-pan, Winnebago, etc. mean. It takes real effort to be called a Geek.

Fashion Geek: Merely watching FTV wouldn’t be enough to regard you as a Fashion Geek. However, if Prêt-à-porter, Haute Couture, Demi-Couture, Warp & Weft, En Vogue, Du jour, etc. are the words you usually use while talking with your best-friend on the call, you’d probably be one of the Chic Geeks.

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Academic Geek: An Academic Geek would probably be found in libraries reading Encyclopedias, books on specific subjects, thesaurus, unabridged versions of dictionaries and other big books like these. Getting ‘A’s on test papers was never a hassle for this person.

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Pop Culture Geek: When everything from characters of TV series to popular novel series/sagas interests a person then he/she is a Pop Culture Geek. He/she would probably know and must have seen/read even the most rare TV series/novels season to season/page to page respectively.

Hot Geek/Funny Geek: A Geek who has something in addition to the Geeky side, which could be good looks in addition to the knowledge of his Geeky interest/subject or a fantastic sense of humor.

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Alter Ego Geek: A person whose second self is a Geek.

(On a funny note: Be one, before you need to work for one!)

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