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5 Incredible Health Benefits of Urad Dal

5 Incredible Health Benefits of Urad Dal

Let’s revisit the amazing benefits of black gram or Urad dal, whichnhas plenty of incredible health benefits, and feel proud of our Indian produce.

Lentils form an intrinsic part of our meal plan. Easily available, quite tasty and healthy, lentils have been our go-to comfort meal always. However, due to its inexpensive nature, such seamlessly it has become a part of our lives that most of the time we tend to overlook or undermine its exceptional health enriching benefits; and hunt for some exotic, branded food items to derive nutrition. Why must we unnecessarily go that extra mile for nutrition when we could gain so much from our local, nutrient-rich lentils!

Today, out of the vast array of lentils, let’s revisit the amazing benefits of black gram or urad dal and feel proud of our Indian produce.

Take a look at the remarkable health benefits of Urad dal:

1. Regulates Diabetes: Urad dal must be consumed to keep diabetes at bay. Due to its wonderful ability to control glucose levels, diabetic patients can safely have urad dal. Rich in fibre, it aids in monitoring the portion of nutrients which get absorbed by the digestive tract.

2. Boosts Bone health: Get ample dose of calcium, iron, vitamin B and other bone-building minerals from the daily intake of urad dal. You will get great bone mineral density, avert osteoporosis and enjoy excellent bone health.

3. Improves Heart health: You can maintain a healthy cardiovascular system with the help of adequate intake of this dal. It has a good amount of potassium that is meant to boost blood circulation, thereby eliminating chances of damage on the arterial walls. Enriched with the maximum amount of magnesium, fibre, urad dal can keep the cholesterol levels under check. Atherosclerosis is averted with the proper intake of urad dal.

4. Betters Kidney health: Urad dal being diuretic in nature helps maintain a healthy kidney. An adequate intake of this lentil will let you flush out toxins, uric acid, excess fat, calcium- all that tend to get deposited in the kidney and form stones. As urad dal’s property aids in urination, the possibility of kidney stones could be easily prevented.

5. Nourishes Nervous system: Urad dal is highly soothing for the nerves. Consumption of this lentil will ensure that your nervous system gets strengthened. You will find your cognitive functions improved; and those suffering from facial paralysis, nervous frailty, weak memory, hysteria, schizophrenia- can find urad dal intake extremely beneficial.

We tried to capture the most crucial health benefits of the urad dal, but the list of nutritional benefits of urad dal is endless. It has a lot to offer. So, continue to relish this amazing food item and remain healthy.

first published:December 27, 2020, 16:38 IST