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5 Things We Desperately Hope Would Change in 2021


Last Updated: January 02, 2021, 08:06 IST

5 Things We Desperately Hope Would Change in 2021

Call it wishful thinking, but these are the things we wish for in the New Year.

If Aladdin’s genie appeared in front of us, these are the New Year wishes we would make.

Take the trips cancelled in 2020
Summers in Europe, snowfall in Dharamshala and surfing in Pondicherry. This is what my 2020 would have been if the coronavirus pandemic would have not hit us hard. I had Instagram captions ready and planned all those weird travel reels in my mind but we all know how this year has been. Hopefully, 2021 would not be the same and I’ll be able to check them off my bucket list (Secretly saving all my leaves). And if coronavirus decides to stay among us, please send some S.H.I.E.L.D agents to take me on a mission, I’m ready to leave the planet. – Vaishali Jain

Edit button on Twitter
It would be great if Twitter could finally add an edit button this year. It’s been long since we have been struggling with spelling mistakes and the terror of being trolled for it. Jack Dorsey can make all our pain go away in one stroke! Not only this, one button will also save Amitabh Bachchan the efforts of correcting his tweets and keeping his ‘extended family’ informed. Do it for him if not for my sake! – Rohit Vats

Work from home forever
The lockdown forced us to get into a work-from-home situation. Not everyone can afford it, but those of us who can, surely want it to continue. While there are cons of virtual interactions with colleagues and complete dependency on the Internet, the pros are extremely tempting. First, it cut down commute costs and time. It definitely helped keep a lot of people safe from the virus. Those who had to sit in office all day wearing masks constantly are still complaining. Plus, working from home gave us the freedom to plan our day, spend time with family and choose our own work location – be it the neighbourhood café or a nearby hill station. Definitely better than closed office spaces.
– Bohni Bandyopadhyay

No more remakes in Bollywood
Seeing the dismal track record of Bollywood with handling remakes, it would be better if they stick to original content production for the coming year. Coolie No 1 and Laxmmi are the most recent cases in point when the originals were milked for attracting eyeballs but the resultant turned out to be nothing short of an inescapable nightmare. No more shoddy remakes in 2021, we say. – Devasheesh Pandey

Restricted posts on Instagram
If we are indulging in wishful thinking, what I wanted from 2021 is a type of technology that allows you to restrict specific posts on Instagram, from people, without having to unfollow or block them. This option is available on Instagram Stories but not posts. It is very awkward when a relative or acquaintance finds you on Instagram, and not accepting their follow request isn’t an option. Even in cases where you meet one friend over the other, or want to surprise someone, this feature can come in handy. – Antara Kashyap

This year, thanks to the lockdown Mumbaikars were saved from walking through knee-deep water on the roads caused by heavy rains. But we won’t be this lucky next year and will have to wade through it to our offices once again. Colleges and schools are still favoured by the government on such days but office-goers have no choice. An hour-long journey from home to office turns into 5-6 hours on rainy days as trains and cabs move slow or stop working. I love the rains and wish to enjoy them, instead of cursing them this year. I wish that the goverment and the public come together to solve this problem. – Nilofar Shaikh

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first published:January 01, 2021, 10:36 IST
last updated:January 02, 2021, 08:06 IST