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6 Food Items that Make You Experience Unadulterated Joy

6 Food Items that Make You Experience Unadulterated Joy

Food is everything!

1. Biriyani

From looking at the beautiful golden rice grains, to literally floating because of the gorgeous aroma, to taking that first bite of a well cooked piece of mutton, there are a few things in the world that can make you feel love the way Biriyani does.

Who needs a relationship when you have Biriyani

(Source: YouTube/Pachakalokam)

2. Brownie Sundae

When life gives up on you and you have nothing more to live for, never forget that you will always have brownie sundaes as a shoulder to cry on. The comforting warmth of hot brownies and the caring sweetness of ice cream is almost as good as your mother’s hug.

(Source: YouTube/Crouton Crackerjacks)

3. Chicken Momo

Chicken mom is that childhood best friend you can always go back to and feel at home. Those puffy white dumplings always leave you feeling happy and satisfied. Just like meeting old friends after a long time.

(Source: YouTube/VahChef)

4. Rajma Chawal

Know that divine feeling of finally getting to sleep on your own bed after being out of town for ages? Rajma Chawal does the same for you if you regularly over-indulge in trash that others call junk food. That familiar joy and sense of belonging comes with no other food and that makes Rajma Chawal the best thing ever.

(Source: YouTube/ReadySteadyEat)

5. Mexican McAloo Tikki

The little things in life is what makes it worth living. And the little things just keep on getting better when you add a bit of Mexican flavour to it. Loaded with jalapenos and tangy Salsa sauce the Mexican McAloo Tikki is a little bit of heaven between two buns!

6. Lebanese McAloo Tikki

You may not realize it all the time but sometimes you get those little cravings that can't be fulfilled by anything else and the moment you get what you want, you have that satisfied smile on your face. The Lebanese McAloo Tikki is that little dose of happiness. And with gherkins and spicy harissa sauce, can you even ask for anything more?

(Source: McDonald's India)

Little bits of happiness never costs a fortune and for just Rs 39, the Mexican and Lebanese McAloo Tikkis are just that!

first published:August 31, 2016, 17:31 IST