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A Look Back at Kim Kardashian's Top 5 Controversies on Her Birthday

Kim Kardashian (Image courtesy: Twitter)

Kim Kardashian (Image courtesy: Twitter)

These are all the many moments throughout the years when Kim Kardashian has messed up.

Kim Kardashian was little known when she worked for Paris Hilton as a stylist back in 2002. It was a scandal that really brought her into the limelight. A sex tape named ‘Kim Kardashian, Superstar’ came out and her life never remained the same. What followed was one controversy after the other which acted as stepping stones, as she climbed the path to fame and success. She has 190 million followers on Instagram today. There are only a handful of people in the world who can compete with her popularity on social media. She is a celebrity, a model, a businesswoman, a reality TV star, a wife, and a mother.

As Kim turns 40 today, let us recall some of the top controversies she has landed herself into over these years.

1. SKIMS Maternity

Kim Kardashian recently unveiled a new line of clothes meant for pregnant women under her brand SKIMS Maternity. The image featuring six pregnant models did not sit well with many users as they accused her of trying to make women look slimmer during pregnancy. They complained that the tight outfit could be unhealthy for the woman and the baby. Kim, however, denied the allegations and said that the clothes have been designed to provide support and comfort during pregnancy. Check out the post:

2. ‘Blackface’

Kim Kardashian sparked a controversy when she released images for her KKW Beauty line in which her skin looked a lot darker than it really is. She was accused of deliberately darkening her skin tone which came across as offensive to some people. Kim later defended herself saying that she was really tan at the moment and she did not intend to offend anyone.

3. Kim Kardashian as the Virgin Mary

Kim Kardashian faced tremendous backlash when she appeared as the Virgin Mary to sell a glass-enclosed church candle. Her conduct was called disgusting and disrespectful. She was even called a ‘religion appropriator’. Check out the picture:

4. Inappropriate baby crib

Last year Kim and husband Kanye West introduced their child, Psalm, to the world. Kim posted a picture of the baby in a crib that was covered with soft beddings and blankets. Netizens immediately pointed out that having a crib filled that way puts the baby at risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Experts suggest that a baby should rest on a firm surface. Kim deleted the Instagram post and said it was just a staged photograph.

5. Kimono shapewear

Before Skims, it was called Kimono. Kim launched a new line of shapewear which the Japanese found quite offensive. In fact, the mayor of Kyoto wrote to Kim to have her change the name, as kimono is a traditional Japanese dress that bore no resemblance to lingerie. Kim was accused of cultural appropriation.

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