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A Plethora of Health Benefits of Coconut Oil



Easily available and widely used in almost every household, coconut oil is the king of oil with its array of medicinal, health advantages. Here are some of the various advantages of coconut oil.

A fruit that comes brimming with the goodness of nature; providing myriad health benefits; serving multiple functions ranging from Puja purpose to cooking, to medicinal purposes- coconut is unique.

Popularly known as Shree phal in India, coconut has innumerable usages. Its supremely beneficial oil is one of the many such outcomes of coconut. It is not for no reason that coconut oil is touted as the superfood, off-late.

Easily available, widely used in almost every household, coconut oil is the king of oil with its array of medicinal, health advantages. Though the list is endless, we tried to capture some of the miraculous benefits of coconut oil in our list. Let’s take a look.

1. Heart health and brain:

Coconut oil contains certain saturated fats which enable the body to lose fat, furnish energy to body and brain. MCT-saturated fat in coconut has the ability to enhance HDL or good cholesterol in the body. Compared to saturated fat in animal-based foods like cheese and steak, this fat is healthy for the heart. And ketones formed with the consumption of this oil, is great for brain as they are known to treat epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Antimicrobial property: Coconut oil has lauric acid which is supposed to combat bacteria. Intake of coconut oil through food is advisable, hence. Even the traditional technique of oil pulling is great for dental health. Risk of cold, infection can be averted by the adequate use of this oil.

3. Beneficial for hair: Our grandmothers often sworn by coconut oil to provide conditioning and nourishment to the hair. And as it turns out they were absolutely correct about its amazing effects. To get shiny, long, voluminous hair, hot coconut oil treatment is highly recommended.

4. Great for skin: Moisturizes the skin, leaves it smooth, soft and supple. Massaging coconut oil rejuvenates the lost texture or shine in your face and body. Skin problems such as eczema get alleviated by the regular use of coconut oil. It protects the skin from UV rays, damage from pollution.

5. Improves gut health: Coconut oil when consumed, results in improved digestion due to the enhanced nutrient absorption capacity. The healthy fats present in the oil destroy the bad bacteria in the digestive tract, soothes inflammation and boosts digestion.

Taking into account the numerous benefits of coconut oil, it would not be inappropriate to consider this as a magical, all-rounder oil.

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