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Add Personal Touch to Make Your House your 'Home'

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

A home that reflects you and your family.

Your home must reflect your preferences, have a dash of colour, sufficient light and carefully picked curios for a personal touch, suggest experts.

Mia Lundstrom, Creative Director - Life at Home, IKEA, shared:

* The home is supposed to reflect you and your family. It's not for pretentious guests or the aunt that maybe shows up twice a year... It's your home. The needs and the space is central - many children, a lot of friends or family get-togethers, all watching television at the same time or there is much homework; the needs are very different in different periods of one's life. Also, flexibility, multitasking-products are great, especially if the space is limited.

* Colours are great and influence us in different ways. Colours can be used in so many ways - so to have a neutral base is always good, but an entrance in a bold colour such as orange could of course be very nice, or use different shades of warm grey, but avoid a bluish grey, that's cold.

* Light is very important. It affects us in various ways as well, so take care of letting in maximum daylight into your house, if possible. Also make sure you have good reading light or functional as well as atmospheric light in your house.

* To mix old and new is of course a precondition but can also be difficult. Things that are close to you and bring memories are beautiful for you. Your personal style and mix beats all other styles as your style is important for feeling good. Many living spaces are limited and

sometimes very small, therefore to add too many things or too many colours can be a bit overwhelming. So, experiment with looks, take away or add stuff until it feels 'you'.

* To live a sustainable life is important to create a better future for the planet. To save energy and water, to sort out waste, and to be conscious about your options should be a passion for us all. Teach your children the same and make a playful and safe home.

Arshi Mukri, Design Expert, Pepperfry, suggests:

* Place some treasured ornamentation and collectibles in different corners and spaces of your home.

* Start with exquisite antique furniture like wooden and brass trunks, dressing tables and chests that have an inherent sentimental value to them. Along with emanating the element of nostalgia, they transform your abode into a picturesque sight while also serving the purpose of

storage, especially in a compact home.

* Besides the eternally revered family photographs, frames, paintings and classic flower vases, you can also opt for carefully crafted vintage gramophones and telephones influenced by ethnic art as well as traditional colourful crockery.

* Moreover, illuminating lampshades with a colonial inspired design and votive candles create a sense of relaxation across your space while chattels like glass nautical decor help with adding that venerable touch.

* To add to relic furniture and surreal antique curios are bespoke furnishings. Cosy, but vivid embellishments such as curtains, cushions and rugs bring the whole room to life while elegantly designed colonial carpets not only give an artistic touch to your flooring, but also reflect the true aesthetics of your abode and let it exude the much desired tranquility.

first published:March 25, 2018, 13:58 IST