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Adidas Solarboost Review: Meet Your New Running Buddy

Adidas Solarboost Review: Meet Your New Running Buddy

Inspired by NASA engineering, the shoe is built for pure function, performance and empowers runners to harness superior energy and self-confidence.

I am an avid runner and I have been using a mix of running shoes for my daily running routine but one thing which is troubling me for the last few months is the energy return in my shoe. Every time I hit out for a long run I face the fatigue caused by the poor energy returns from these shoes.

Lightweight, comfortable and good energy returns are the 3 basic pillars of a good running shoe but still very few companies are able to blend them together and give us a good product. Adidas recently launched their new line up of the Solarboost, I thought of trying it out as the company claims it is a technical performance silhouette for those who like the combination of performance, comfort and energy return. So I made them my running buddy for the next 100 kilometers. I tried them over the treadmill, road run and mud tracks, possibly all the terrains around me and I came to the conclusion that I made the right choice of shifting from my old shoe to the new Adidas Solarboost.

A running shoe should be lightweight, have the right cushioning, should provide energy return, and above all, must be durable. Keeping this in mind, here is why I think the Adidas Solarboost could be the right choice for you:


The shoe which we tested is a men's size 9(UK) and weighs approx 295g which is 15g lighter than the previous Energy Boost silhouette. I like to wear my running shoes to work as well and to my surprise, they were quite comfortable for the whole day wear.

Adidas Solarboost's highly responsive 85% boost midsole provides superior, lightweight cushioning to energise runners from the ground up. These running shoes are designed for versatility and long-lasting comfort. They have an upper that hugs your foot in compressive support, and a flexible out-sole that adapts to your unique foot strike.

Cushioning & Durability:

It features the Tailored Fibre Placement technology which lays down fibres which feature Parley material content, every single millimetre of the shoe is precisely stitched and constructed, resulting in superior comfort, fit and support in a lightweight form so you can move confidently at any speed or distance. The company claims that this shoe has been tested by the Adidas Runners community in key cities across the world, within a wide range of temperatures and conditions. As Delhi is under the cold wave right now so that's' the only weather we were able to test it in during the outdoor runs.

The shoe is supportive and the lightweight heel construction is designed to enable the free motion of the Achilles tendon as well as a wider, more accommodating fit especially for people who like their shoes to be super fit. The Continental rubber outsole and the boost will guarantee loads of miles. I have tested them for around 100 km and I am happy with the rubber outsole and the grip it provides especially during the sharp turns.

Energy Return:

If you are a fan of the boost material, I think you’re going to love this shoe. Boost material is by far the best from the companies stable when we talk about the energy returns. You get the right push up from the shoe during your runs which help you continue and achieve those extra miles. I tried them during my 10 km run and the shoe did well.

The upper mesh could have been a little more breathable but in the current weather conditions, it worked for me. The shoe has adequate cushioning under the forefoot, something a lot of running shoes lack in. The heel collar can be little itchy if you are wearing them without socks but I would like to suggest to all the users that wearing your running shoes without socks is like driving your car without wearing a seatbelt, so avoid that.


Inspired by NASA engineering, the shoe is built for pure function, performance and empowers runners to harness superior energy and self-confidence.

The harder you push this shoe the more springy it gets and it was a really satisfying feeling to run in this shoe. The Adidas Solarboost is a must have shoe because it strikes the right balance between durability, cushioning and support.