Ahoi Ashtami 2020: Date, Time and Puja Vidhi of the Festival

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On Ahoi Ashtami, mothers observe fast from dawn to dusk for the wellbeing of their children.

Ahoi Ashtami 2020 is falling on November 8. The day is celebrated approximately eight days before Diwali Puja and four days after Karwa Chauth. On Ahoi Ashtami, mothers observe fast from dawn to dusk for the wellbeing of their children. They break the fast after sighting stars in the sky. However, some women break the fast after sighting the moon, which rises late in the night on Ahoi Ashtami. So, it becomes difficult due to the late rising of the moon. During the fast, mothers don’t even drink water as they observe nirjala vrat.

It is called Ahoi Ashtami as it is observed on Ashtami Tithi which is the eighth day of the month. Ahoi Ashtami is majorly celebrated in North India. Women offer prayers to Mata Ahoi or Goddess Ahoi on this day.

Ahoi Ashtami 2020 date and time

Ahoi Ashtami 2020 will be celebrated on November 8. Ahoi Ashtami puja muhurat is from 5.06pm to 6.23pm. The time for sighting stars is 5.30pm and the moon is expected to rise around 11.30pm.

Ashtami tithi begins at 7.29am on November 8, while it ends at 6.50am on November 9.

Ahoi Ashtami 2020 Puja Vidhi

Mothers on this day take bath early in the morning and take sankalp or pledge to observe fast for the wellbeing of their children. While taking sankalp, they recite that the fasting would be without any food or the water and it will be broken after sighting stars or moon.

Time after the sunset is considered best for performing puja. Prayers are offered to Mata Ahoi with all rituals. While worshipping, the story of Ahoi Mata is narrated. At the end, the aarti of Ahoi Ashtami is performed.

As per the legend, Ahoi Mata blessed a female devotee with seven sons even after she was cursed for accidentally killing the offspring of Sei, who is also worshipped on Ahoi Ashtami. Women offer seven grass shoots and halwa, a sweet dish, to Sei.

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