Akshay Kumar Reveals He Drinks Cow Urine Every Day, Says 'Elephant Poo Tea Was Nothing'

Credits- Instagarm

Credits- Instagarm

Bear Grylls recently joined Akshay Kumar and his Bell Bottom co-star Huma Qureshi for an Instagram Live session.

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has joined hands with British adventurer Bear Grylls for the upcoming episode of Into the Wild with Bear Grylls and Akshay Kumar. And a day prior to its premiere, Bear Grylls and Akshay Kumar connected on a live session on Instagram hosted by Akshay's BellBottom co-star Huma Qureshi.

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During the chat, Huma asked them about the “elephant poo tea” that they were seen drinking in the show’s promo. Akshay revealed that it really wasn’t a big deal for him as he drinks cow urine every day for Ayurvedic reasons.

"For Ayurvedic reasons, I drink cow's urine every day so it (elephant poo tea) was nothing," Akshay said.

Meanwhile, a fan requested Akshay to teach Bear some phrases in Hindi. Bear requested Akshay “can you teach me ‘never give up’ in Hindi?” Akshay honoured the request but wasn’t lenient on Bear Grylls. He eventually made him say “zindagi mein kabhi peechhe hatna mat”.

Another fan asked Akshay Kumar what stunts he would like to attempt if he woke up as Bear Grylls. Akshay Kumar shared a rather interesting response as he said, “Jump from an aircraft, - the poop tea we have done and swim with the whales”. Bear curiously asked Akshay if he has ever sky-dived, to which Akshay replied: “Yes, I have done that."

The special episode of Into the Wild with Bear Grylls featuring Akshay Kumar will premiere on September 11 at 8 pm on the streaming service Discovery Plus. It will be available on the Discovery channel on September 14 at 8 pm.

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