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Alia Bhatt is Back With #PoochOverPataka Campaign

Alia Bhatt is Back With #PoochOverPataka Campaign

This Diwali, join Alia Bhatt in her initiative to make this world a safer place for your pets and other animals with the Pooch Over Pataka Campaign

Last Diwali, when the Supreme Court imposed a ban on fireworks, Alia Bhatt, an animal lover, decided to make Diwali safer for pets and other animals with her social media campaign Pooch Over Pataka.

After a humongous response among celebrities and animal lovers, Alia is back with the campaign this year as well.

This time around, Alia has decided to take her campaign to the next level.

On her Twitter and Instagram handles, she is asking people to take the initiative to feed stray dogs this Diwali during the day.

Twitteratis couldn't contain their excitement to be a part of this cause and have started spreading awareness using Alia's hastag #PoochOverPataka within no time.

The high-decibel sound makes dogs and other animals shiver and tremble due to the noise and air pollution.

Their health suffers due to stress which leads to loss in appetite, problems with salivation and defection. Also, due to the chaos in the atmosphere, they tend to escape from their abodes.

Previously, Alia took a step forward to reduce stress animals go through during the Festive season, especially Diwali.

To try and avoid this situation, Alia released an online video asking to pledge her followers to post a selfie with their pet with hashtag #PoochOverPataka.

Previously, other celebrities also joined this cause and pledged to choose Pooch Over Pataka