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Avoid These Foods For A Healthy Heart

Avoid These Foods For A Healthy Heart

Sugar snacks such as cakes and cookies use a lot of flour, sugar and fat, which increases bad cholesterol.

Having a healthy heart is a prerequisite for a healthy body. A healthy body is chiefly determined by two things— your diet and lifestyle. Maintaining a great diet will enable you to keep your heart healthy to a large extent. In such circumstances, it is extremely important to be conscious of what you eat. If you replace sugary or salty food with healthy snacks, then it would help keep your heart healthy for a long time.

So, what are some of the foods that you should avoid at any cost? Let’s have a look.

Red meat

According to WebMD, white meat will always score high above red meat when it comes to maintaining a healthy heart. So it would be wise to ditch the steaks and ribs in favour of wings, breast and liver.


Drinking soda raises blood sugar levels and leads to increased stress on the walls of the arteries which circulate blood from the heart to the rest of the body. Consuming soda and other carbonated drinks gives rise to clogged arteries which in turn raises chances of a heart attack.

Cakes and cookies

Sugar snacks such as cakes and cookies use a lot of flour, sugar and fat, which increases bad cholesterol. Instead of these sugary goodies, include those food options which are made from whole wheat, where liquid plant oil/butter is used and where the amount of processed sugar is negligible.

Processed meats

Processed meat products such as hot dogs, black pudding, sausages, salami etc. are among the unhealthiest preparations of meat, which increase the amount of trans-fat in the body that are toxic to your cardiac health and blood circulation system.

White Rice, Bread and Pasta

Vitamins, healthy fibre and minerals are negligible in pasta, white bread and everything else which use all-purpose white flour. Refined wheat, once consumed, breaks down to sugar very rapidly which increases the amount of fat. These kinds of foods, therefore, are one of the biggest culprits behind type 2 diabetes.


Pizza contains a lot of grease, sodium and calories, which can be very dangerous for the heart. If you ever get the craving, then at least choose the whole wheat option which contains minimal cheese and sausage.

Apart from the things already included in this list, you should do your best to avoid butter, French fry, full-fat yoghurt, alcohol, fried chicken, ice cream, canned soup, chips etc. as much as you can. Always remember, healthy food equals a healthy heart.

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