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Binge Drinking is on the Rise; Here’s How to Curb Your Alcohol Consumption

Representative image (Getty Images)

Representative image (Getty Images)

Scroll down to find out ways to help you curb your drinking habits.

Love guzzling down a beer while hanging out with your buddies every Sunday? Well, as it turns out, you are not the only one! A new study finds that between 1990 and 2017, per capita alcohol consumption has increased by nearly 0.7 litres to 6.5 litres annually. And the numbers of people drinking an alcoholic beverage is only shooting up with experts warning that it could reach up to 7.6 litres by 2030.

A study published in the journal, The Lancet reveals that by 2030, half the world's adults will drink, which is a sharp rise from the 45 per cent calculated in 1990, while 40 per cent will abstain. The study further says that 23 per cent of adults will binge drink at least once a month compared to the 18.5 per cent who did in 1990. Binge drinking is the act of consuming more than four drinks in one sitting at least once in a month with the intent of getting intoxicated.

The rising percentage of alcohol consumption is a worrying scenario. If you are thinking about cutting back on the amount of alcohol that you drink due to experiencing some negative health effects or simply because you are worried about future repercussions, here are ways to help you curb your drinking habits.

Firstly, make a list of reasons you want to curtail your drinking habits and then set a drinking limit. You should keep your drinking to a minimum. Also, consult a doctor for how much limit you can consume.

Secondly, for the first few weeks, keep a track of every time you drink and include information as to the why and where you are planning to drink. Compare this to your goal and see if you are having trouble sticking to it. If yes, please consult an expert.

Thirdly, abstain from keeping alcohol in the house. It can help limit your drinking. If you do have an alcoholic beverage occasionally, sip it and don't gulp it down. Drink soda, water or juice afterwards and never drink on an empty stomach.

Fourthly, choose days when you will completely keep away from drinking. When you are comfortable with that, try keeping away from alcohol for a week, then a month and so on. Also, learn to say no to peer pressure. A lot of times your friends may urge you to have a drink, do not feel obligated to drink just because your friends are asking you to.

Fifth, develop a hobby or engage in some activity that keeps you away from the urge to drink. Also, let your friends and family know you have a problem, they might be able to help.

Finally, steer clear away from places or people who tempt you to drink, and while you may have setbacks, it should not stop you from reaching your goal.

Alcohol consumption causes and contributes to many diseases, including cancers, heart disease and diabetes. Too much alcohol consumption can also lead to disability or even death.