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Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do on Stairs

Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do on Stairs

We present to you seven techniques of using bodyweight without having to hit the gym, which are perfect for this time during the pandemic.

During this time of the pandemic, when self-reliance seems to be the dictate of time, using one’s bodyweight to burn calories and staying fit while being indoors might be easily the smartest thing to do.

We present to you seven techniques of using bodyweight without having to hit the gym.

What are you waiting for- burn calories from the comfort of your home by doing these bodyweight exercises on stairs:

Incline push-ups

Instead of doing push-ups on flat surface, you can also try standing at the bottom of the staircase and do push-up by resting your hands on the fourth/fifth step. Exert pressure on your hands to push and continue the exercise. This is basically doing push-ups by keeping your body inclined. You can alter this with planks and side planks.


This is push-up that is combined with hopping. Do one push-up and then stand up and perform a lateral jump while stretching your hands overhead and then land on the next stair.


You can do a variety of lunges on stairs:

Curtsy lunge- Stand on the first step with feet shoulder-width apart. Then move right foot back at the bottom of the staircase into a clockwise direction. The front knee must bend at 90 degrees. Push your front heel into the ground to regain standing posture.

Lateral and walking lunges are some of the other forms of lunges that you can incorporate in your workout regime.

Tricep dips with straight legs

Rest your hands on the edge of the stair while your back faces the staircase. Remember to position your shoulders perpendicular to your wrist and stretch legs. Now, bend your elbows and dip down until your arms are at a right angle.

Ab Holds

Position your hands on the stairs directly next to your legs, while you are in a seated position. Now, lift your entire body off the stair by pushing your hands into the ground, while your legs are stretched out, by bracing your midsection.

Cardio workout on stairs
This is the simplest one. For three to five minutes, go on continuous climbing and descending. Repeat the pattern till you feel sweaty.

Box jump squats

Squat at the bottom of the staircase and then jump onto the first step, by balancing bodyweight while doing so.

Not only can you achieve physical fitness by doing bodyweight exercises on stairs but also experience amazing mental agility. For the ones, who would like to make the most of staying indoors, these bodyweight stair workouts are a must.

For those that want to plunge into the workout regime, but are still slightly hesitant, why not take a quick glance at few facts of the magical benefits of bodyweight workouts on stairs:

1. Endorphin hormone which is responsible for making one feel happy- is released when we do bodyweight exercises on stairs.

2. This is a great way to boost your immunity- as it ensures proper blood flow in body, joint muscles are strengthened, lower risk of heart ailments and in the process proves to be a great form of cardio exercise that you can do free of cost at home without shelling out money for equipments.

3. The extent of calories you cannot burn by jogging, stair workouts can.

4. It is a proven fact that more than running or walking, an intense stair-climbing exercise routine reaps way more aerobic benefits within a shorter span of time.

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