BTS Opens Up on What Led to Their Black Lives Matter Donation in Recent Interview

Boy band BTS

Boy band BTS

K-pop band BTS donated USD 1 million to the movement, which inspired the ARMY to also pitch in and match the amount within 25 hours.

Global music sensation BTS are known for their songs which have messages of self-love, not giving up and motivation. The Bangtan Boys have been known to implement these messages through their actions as well. This year, when the United States was undergoing country-wide anti-racism protests Black Lives Matter, BTS and their fans did not hesitate in expressing their solidarity.

BTS ARMY in the US made news with their clever online campaigns taking over racist hashtags. Their indomitable fanbase even crashed the Dallas police app and disrupted one of President Donald Trump’s rallies by artificially inflating the headcount through bogus sign-ups.

BTS also donated $1 million to the movement, which inspired the ARMY to also pitch in and match the amount within 25 hours.

In a recent interview to Variety, the band opened up on their support to the Black Lives Matter movement. The members talked about their own experiences and ARMY’s dedication towards the movement led them to contribute to BLM.

BTS vocalist Jin said that they have also been subjected to prejudice when they are abroad and he feels that prejudice should not be tolerated because it really has no place. As the movement gained momentum, the band started to discuss how they could help.

BTS group leader Rap Monster (RM) said that they were aware of the fans involvement in the movement and they were compelled to make a sound decision which would go with their overall message of speaking out against prejudice and violence. After discussing it with their company BigHit Entertainment, the band decided to make the monetary donation.

On being asked if they are political, band rapper Suga said they do not want to speak in political terms and their initiatives are those which any person, who wishes to live in a just world, would want to pursue.

He called their support to BLM a very simple one, since it is against violence and racism. Being on the receiving end of the prejudice, Suga said that the band wanted to voice their feeling on the fact that nobody should be subjected to such treatment.

Rapper J-hope said how through this message that they want to make a better world, whether in their home country South Korea or elsewhere. The Airplane singer said that they would like to go in a positive direction whether through music or charity.

RM said that it's their goal to see everyone to be able to lead safe lives and that is the motivation for donating to BLM or their UNICEF campaign and other initiatives.

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