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Check Out This Curated List to Find Best Movie Download Sites

'Cargo' film

'Cargo' film

While coronavirus forces people to stay at home, watching movies has become an integral part one's life routine.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have pushed most of us indoors as we self-isolate and maintain social distancing for the most part in our daily lives. One of the things that our stint at home has, however, done is really get us hooked to films and series, which seem like the only way out of the everyday monotony and our only outlet towards experiencing something remotely related to what most of us took for granted as being normal.

Let's face it, gone are the days of roaming around on the streets, experiencing new cultures, new cuisines or even taking a trip. For most, staying indoors has become the unwanted new normal. At times like these, movies have become a life-saver – not only because they help keep our mind away from boredom, but also because they allow our imaginations to run amok through visuals during these trying times.

Also, if things had been normal now, the cine-bug in us would certainly have grabbed the tickets for a matinee show or two as new films keep on arriving, albeit not in theatres, but on the world wide web.

But how do we experience the wonders of cinema if we are stuck indoors? Here is a list of best movie download sites to satiate our film cravings.

YIFY movies

The site offers movies in HD quality in a small file size attracting a lot of downloaders. It also has a huge content to choose from.


A lot like YouTube, the website has a simple interface and also has a lot of informative documentaries and short movies. The website also has an On-Demand content section for users to pay for television shows and films.


A comparatively newer website, it has hundreds of movies that users can either download or stream online.


One of the most visited video websites in the world; it contains films of almost every media industry in the world. It has an array of films on offer and is a good alternative for those who cannot afford expensive subscriptions of OTT platforms like Netflix or Hulu.


Launched by Star India, it allows users to stream films and television shows online. There are hundreds of movies available for viewers to choose from.