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Chhavi Mittal Talks About Chemotherapy Diets and Intermittent Fasting After Surviving Breast Cancer

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Last Updated: September 20, 2022, 10:46 IST

New Delhi, India

Chhavi Mittal intends to maintain her cancer-free status with her nutrition, which is essential to a survivor's health and radically alters after they are cancer-free.

Chhavi Mittal intends to maintain her cancer-free status with her nutrition, which is essential to a survivor's health and radically alters after they are cancer-free.

The reasoning is quite simple. Fasting reduces blood glucose levels, which slows the spread of cancer.  But ultimately, work with your nutritionist and space out your meals so that they don't overload your system and send it into shock. Continue reading to learn more about Chhavi Mittal's experience fighting cancer

Chhavi Mittal, an actor-producer and breast cancer survivor, stood out when she shared her recovery journey with the world by documenting her pains and scars as well as practical advice that helped her in her battle to get back to where she was, her life at the studio, her gym, and at home for her children. She aims to maintain her cancer-free status with her diet because a survivor’s diet completely changes and is essential to that person’s health.

She now makes an effort to avoid eating anything that isn’t vegetarian, consume more veggies, avoid acidic foods, eat fresh foods, avoid eating out, and space out my meals. " I’ve permanently stopped eating sugar and processed food. I also engage in intermittent fasting, which studies on breast cancer survivors have found to be effective."  However,she points out that each survivor will deal with their condition in a different way and will require a food plan that is tailored to their needs after consulting with their oncologist and clinical dietitian. Additionally, a balanced eating programme does not advocate forgoing indulgences. In fact, she argues, all of these may be flavorful and refreshing with a little thought.

Chemotherapy-related diet


During chemotherapy, getting the right nutrients is crucial. During this time, the food you eat heals you from the procedure’s negative effects and gives you energy to fight off any infections that can complicate things in the future. Chhavi was told to eat foods heavy in fiber, protein, and healthy fats during this phase. Keep away from raw meals and salads since they can contain microorganisms that could affect your immune system, advises Mittal. She still cooks her fruits, veggies, and greens rather than eating them raw. Aside from that, she is meticulous about getting all of her sugar from natural sources (her softly sautéed banana toast, which consists of sliced bananas on top of stir-fried bread, is a delicious snack). She has also figured out how to cook as much as she can in one sitting while keeping meals at the proper temperature.

“Occasionally, during chemo cycles, you get nausea, vomiting, and a sore mouth. I consumed a lot of kokum and continue to do so because it is non-acidic. I consume a lot of almonds, dates, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, and hemp seeds—the latter of which is often roasted, ground, and combined with water. She also suggests getting protein from organic sources. Greek yogurt, almonds, seeds, hard-boiled eggs, fish, chicken, paneer, and broccoli are my go-to protein-rich foods since they keep me strong and energized. I’m eating sattu pancakes, which are made of roasted gram flour and are particularly high in protein. In fact, sattu mixed with water creates a fantastic protein smoothie, says Mittal. Eating little, frequent meals seems to be effective.

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Diet, post chemotherapy

Mittal is actively searching for quick remedies and turning to legumes, whole grains, and white and black chana. Simply boil, steam, or sprout them to give your body a healthy start with little work. You may boost your immunity by eating these items, she explains. She also practices other forms of mindfulness, such as dining at hygienic establishments, avoiding street food completely, carrying home food and boiling water rather than purchasing filtered water, and—most importantly—selecting foods devoid of raw lettuce or greens. Due of this, Chhavi asserts that she never eats burgers. After the lettuce is sliced in the morning, the bacteria may continue to grow there all day. However, when I am aware that the thin-crust whole wheat pizza is just out of the oven, I may very rarely consume one, she added. She frequently incorporates vegan proteins into her post-workout smoothies.


Her consumption of sugar and the amount of dairy she consumes—particularly milk—have changed the most. “After battling cancer, sugar should be avoided. I do consume khand and jaggery, which are complex carbs that provide fullness because they are slower to digest. I steer clear of bovine milk since it contains carcinogens from the hormone injections given to cows to help them lactate. A glass of milk must also be digested over the course of eight hours. And we consume so much food with it that we are unaware that our digestive systems are overburdened, claims Mittal.

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first published:September 20, 2022, 10:46 IST
last updated:September 20, 2022, 10:46 IST