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Chic, Glamorous, Opulent: Jewellery Trends for The Festive Season

By: Swati Chaturvedi


Last Updated: September 30, 2022, 12:27 IST

New Delhi, India

Whether you are in for maximalism or minimalism, there are pieces you will love and adore as they are ridiculously chic

Whether you are in for maximalism or minimalism, there are pieces you will love and adore as they are ridiculously chic

Whether you are in for maximalism or minimalism, there are pieces you will love and adore as they are ridiculously chic.

Festive season is finally here. Opulence, extravagance and glamour seem

to be the buzzwords for the season. If you are someone who loves to accessorise with your ensembles for those family gatherings and card parties, we have got some great news. The fall 2023 jewellery trends are worth making a statement. Whether you are in for maximalism or minimalism, there are pieces you will love and adore as they are ridiculously chic.

Take a peek at the latest festive jewellery trends and be a trendsetter this season.

Couture done right


This year’s festive jewelry trends revolve around classic couture pieces that depict Indian design elements layered with global sensibilities. “A lot of emphasis is being laid on multi-functional jewelry pieces; these are jewels that can be deconstructed into multiple smaller or longer pieces, and worn with different kinds of outfits at different occasions. These are very functional for festive occasions and destination weddings. Some of our signature

pieces from Tribe Amrapali and Suneet Varma’s collections have multi-purpose pieces that could be worn and styled in varied ways," says Vivek Ramabhadran, Founder and CEO of Aulerth.

The Grandeur of the Choker

Celebrations across the country are in full swing and this time the emphasis is on bold statement jewellery pieces. The 90s fashion trends are back with intricate chokers setting up the fashion narrative. Though chokers have been in demand since the 90s, this time they are bigger, bolder, and way more decadent.

“You will always be able to pull off the trendiest looks with a few choker styles in your wardrobe. With the fluidity of fashion cycles and the trending fusion-wear concept, wearing chokers is no longer limited only to an ethnic look. You can style beautiful sleek chokers to go with all kinds of apparel in your wardrobe," says Sunaina Ramisetty, the owner of Paksha By Tarinika.

Choose a choker necklace made of an extremely long leather string and

combine it with a variety of gold-toned accessories that have delicate pendants to achieve an edgy urban appearance. “This kind of choker necklace, which goes well with V necklines, is all about letting you discover and redefine your own particular style. If you’re searching for something casual, try a couple of layered boho choker necklaces to suit the relaxed atmosphere," adds Ramisetty.

No other piece of jewellery speaks about your personal style as much as the elegant choker. Be click-ready irrespective of the occasion with the right choker. It is the season to rock the high fashion look anytime, anyplace with the choker necklace.

Sparkling polki 

Classic earrings in polki designs are eternal. “This season, there has been a greater demand for traditional earrings in both small and medium sizes. For personal functions like Durga Puja and Karvachauth, newlyweds are also preferring classical gold naths. Sleek maang tikkas and headgears with open hairstyles are the new highlights in polki work. The festive look is incomplete without jewellery followed by the latest trends," says Aanchal Jain, Founder, Izzari by Aanchal Jain.

Evil eye jewellery

Evil eye protects you from negative energy and it acts as a lucky charm for everyone. “Evil eye jewelry is an ideal symbol of love, protection and patrons love to keep it closer to their heart. The evil eye is trending everywhere," says Rohan Sharma, Managing Director, RK Jewellers.

Opulent rings

As festive season is here, what can be more perfect than adorning your fingers with beautiful rings. “Rings have always brought some very hot jewelry trends, as they can be worn for every festival and with every outfit," adds Sharma.

Coloured stone jewellery

Coloured gem-set jewels can add a royal touch to any outfit. “Along with precious stones, one can also experiment with semi-precious stones like tanzanites, aquamarines and corals," says Milind Mathur, creative director and Partner, Kohinoor Jewellers Agra & Kohgem.

Lightweight accessories

When it comes to jewellery trends, everyday jewellery has been trending for quite some time now. They can be layered with different jewels to add an interesting touch.

Enamelling Italian style

“Enamelled jewellery adds a playful pop of colour to jewellery. The intricate designs with colourful work can be worn for festive occasions and styled with non-traditional ensembles," feels Mathur.

Layered sets

Layered sets are glamorous and lend grace to every outfit. “Layered sets look super majestic, which is why women prefer to stake up a couple of jewelry together to create a whole new look. The pieces that have not been worn can be given a new lease of life by being put together to create an entire new necklace," says Piyush Gupta, PP jewellers by Pawan Gupta.

Alluring Bracelets

Bracelets have allured the masses for centuries. “Bold and beautiful

bracelets make hands look beautiful and can immediately transform the appeal of a woman. Since festivals are on their way, wrapping a stylish bracelet around your wrist will only add extra points to your glam," adds Gupta.

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first published:September 30, 2022, 12:27 IST
last updated:September 30, 2022, 12:27 IST