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Choose The Right Rugs, Carpets To Add Luxury To Your Home

Image courtesy: Getty Images

Image courtesy: Getty Images

Give your home a luxury makeover.

Rugs and carpets are not just other interior design accessories but are the must-haves that you shouldnt like to compromise with. Along with keeping your bare feet happy, they lift a room with its warmth and vibrancy.

So, one should keep a few things in mind while getting their house decked up with these interiors, says an expert.

Interior designer Samira Chopra shares some tips that will help in achieving a luxurious look at home with rugs and carpets:

* Dress up the wall: There is no universal rule that rugs and carpets are meant for floors only. You can deck up those otherwise dull walls by using rugs as wall hangings. It's a great way to add visual interest to walls and protect them from possible wear and tear in the areas of heavy traffic.

* Layering: Don't worry if you can only afford a small coloured and patterned rug, it can still do many wonders. All you have to do is layer it over a larger neutral mat in a contemporary shade. Mixing up patterns with plains and flat weaves with stubby textures create an eclectic style statement to your place.

* Maintaining the contrast: If you are planning for heavily patterned wallpaper or upholstery, then it would be better to keep your rug subdued. And, if you are opting for a busily patterned rug then keep minimal ornamentation on your furniture and walls. This contrast will resist overcrowding and will maintain a non-chaotic feel in the house.

* Placement: Rugs and carpets don't have to be situated just in your living areas. They can complement any room, from your bedroom to bathroom and even the hallways of your house. Placement of rugs or carpets under furniture may cause damage, so be sure to research the fabric of your rug and its ability to withstand pressure before buying it.

* Size: Size is also a very important factor. Smaller rugs should always be situated as the centerpiece of the room, between the furniture. Furniture can be placed on top of a larger rug as they provide an unbroken effect from one side to another side of the room. Runners can be placed on either side of the bed or in the hallways to create the lavish effect.

first published:February 22, 2017, 08:26 IST