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Design Couple's Bedroom Keeping Comfort and Style In Mind

Representative Image: AFP

Representative Image: AFP

Invest in a rug for the bedroom.

The interior of a room plays a vital role in balancing one's moods and improving relationships, so keep a few things in mind before creating a space for a couple, say experts.

Expert Interior designers have a few tips:

* People should start by keeping in mind the wardrobe space. It should be sufficient for two people and have enough storage for Indian and western wear.

* The room should have a neutral colour neither too feminine nor too
masculine. A good blend may be neutral tones with a hint of gold. Accentuate the bed wall with a nice wallpaper to highlight the main wall of the bedroom.

* In a corner of the room, there should be a dresser space to accommodate make-up and vanity items, with good lighting and supported by electric connection to use hair dryer and other accessories.

* A wall clock adds character to a wall. Choose one that goes with the theme of the room.

* The room should have a two-layer curtain, a sheer and a main drape with a blackout lining which would ensure privacy and no filtration of light through the drapes.

* Invest in a rug for the room as it completes the look of the room.

* One of the most important requirements is the need for a good mattress and cushions for the bed.

* There should be a romantic corner. That one special place can be created to make best memories.

* There should be space for candles and pictures.
first published:August 28, 2017, 07:22 IST