Diwali 2020: Mark an Eco-friendly Celebration This Year by Following These Tips

Representative Image.(Photo: Reuters)

Representative Image.(Photo: Reuters)

While celebrating Diwali, we should be wary of not causing harm to the environment or Mother Earth.

As the festival of light, Diwali is around the corner, people are excited to celebrate the festivities with friends and family. The festival, also known as Deepavali, brings hope, lights, and gifts as a celebration of the triumph of right over wrong.

On this occasion, people lit up the lamps, sweets and gifts are exchanged, and embrace the festival with loved ones. Buying new clothes, expensive decorations, gifts, glitter fireworks and crackers have made the celebration merrier over the years, but it has also caused an unhealthy situation.

However, this year, you can decide to celebrate the festival using eco-friendly ways. Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet, and it’s more important to create hygienic and healthy ways to celebrate the festival to reduce the chance of infection.

So, here are some of the ways to make the festival of light an environment-friendly day with less pollution:

Oil diyas and LED lights

Use earthen diyas or lamps to lighten up your house. Ask your kids to use their creativity to design the lamps, which will be fun and involving for all your family. You can add fragrance to the oil to give positivity and sweetness to the festival. On the other hand, LED lights are reusable which you can probably reuse from your previous year. They consume less energy as compared to other lights. Create your own cover design to make it more interesting. And all these are pollution-less.

Organic Rangoli

Diwali is never complete without the colorful rangoli designs. But, instead of using the artificial and harmful colors, you can use colorful flowers or organic colors to make beautiful designs of rangoli this year.

Organic and Sustainable Gifts

On Diwali, give your friends and family organic gifts. Encourage local-made products by gifting them to your loved ones. Hand-made soaps, creams, organic teas, local-made cookies, and other items that are made by the local people are good gifts ideas. Indoor plants and flowers are also a good option. And pack them using a bamboo basket, paper-made bags, or cloth bags.

Homemade Sweets

Instead of buying sweets from outside, why don’t you make your own homemade sweets! Prepare your sweets with your own recipe to make an unforgettable taste to your friends.

Eco-friendly Decorations

Decorate your house with beautiful natural flowers, plants, clay items, bamboo made decors, etc. You can also recycle your old sarees and dupattas to create colorful wall drops and curtains. Use painted newspapers and color papers to make exquisite lanterns and other designs. Opt for reusable items to decorate your home.

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