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    Diwali 2020: Safety Precautions to Follow While Burning Firecrackers to Have a Happy and Healthy Festival

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    Here are some major safety precautions one must follow while lighting lamps and burning firecrackers to keep your Diwali happy, healthy and safe.

    Diwali, the festival of lights, is here and the preparation for celebrations has already started. The festival is the celebration of the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. While lightings, sweets and gifts are part of celebrations, people also express their joy by lighting firecrackers.

    However, amid all the joy and excitement, one must keep some safety precautions in mind so that the joyous celebration should not become a tragic memory. Every year, we came across the news of people getting injured or some accident took place while lighting firecrackers.

    Firecrackers also worsen air pollution and increase the risk of respiratory problems, skin allergies and several other health issues like asthma, lung disease and eye burns. People having respiratory problems like asthma, and other breathing problems must stay indoors and limit their exposure to smoke as far as possible. Here are some major safety precautions to keep your Diwali happy healthy and safe:

    Use of Green Firecrackers: Green firecrackers do not contain harmful chemicals that would cause air pollution. Components in these firecrackers are less dangerous and less harmful to the atmosphere. However, it has low sound. But people should prefer these green firecrackers to safeguard the environment.

    Wear cotton clothes: Silk, nylon, polyester and other similar clothes catch fire easily hence one should prefer to wear cotton or denim or Khadi clothes.

    Burst crackers in an open area: Bursting crackers in closed or densely populated areas can be dangerous. We often hear that sparks from crackers burnt the house or led to the loss of life. Hence one should avoid bursting crackers in closed areas or have electrical equipment nearby.

    Store in a closed and safe place: Since firecrackers catch fire easily, hence they must be stored in a safe place away from the fire. Even a single spark of fire leads to an explosion so these should be kept in sealed boxes made of hard plastic or wood.

    Keep the first aid kit ready: One must keep ready a first aid kit containing band-aid, antiseptic lotion and anti-inflammatory medicines nearby while burning crackers. So that, if anyone sustains a burn or get injured, they can use the first aid kit for immediate effect and rush to medical help immediately.

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