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DIY Blow Dry Ideas for a Party-Ready Look

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Last Updated: December 13, 2022, 11:25 IST

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Using a blow-dry lotion will protect the hair from heat and humidity while priming and smoothing it. (Image: Shutterstock)

Using a blow-dry lotion will protect the hair from heat and humidity while priming and smoothing it. (Image: Shutterstock)

If your hair is fine and requires volume, curly and frizz-prone, or simply too long or thick to blow-dry without working up a sweat, we have secrets for you

Call us traditional, but a bouncy blowout is what we think best describes party hair. However, the problem still exists: How can you correctly blow-dry your hair with a hair dryer while lying in bed and looking in the bedroom mirror? Do not be concerned; we have this covered. If your hair is fine and requires volume, curly and frizz-prone, or simply too long or thick to blow-dry without working up a sweat, we have secret suggestions for you.

Blower tricks for thick hair

Always prepare your hair before styling it. Use a blow-dry lotion to prime and smooth the hair while shielding it from heat and humidity. This will not only simplify blow-drying your hair but also prolong the life of your style. Any type of hair will benefit from first rough-drying the majority of the water out, applying your choice styling products with hold, and finishing with your desired blow-dry. This will help you save time and use your resources more effectively.

A great technique to get away with it is to use the hair dryer to only blow out the top of your hair. Time will be saved, and you won’t come out as overly polished. Think of your hair as forming a horseshoe shape around your head on the top section. Work around the horseshoe either by blow-drying in a backward motion for volume or by using heated rollers for simpler work.

Tips for blow-drying fine hair

Fine hair often becomes weighed down by the humidity in the air, appearing flat and floppy. As with other hair types, dampness must be blocked off if at all feasible. Use a light leave-in conditioner on your hair in humid weather and seal the ends with a serum after blow-drying for a smooth and long-lasting finish. For fine hair, you want to really increase thickness and body. Start by applying a volumizing product through the ends. , the aa, the mer, an a the the an a Using a soft hair brush, smooth the hair after using your hair dryer to dry the roots of your hair in the opposite direction from how it would normally sit.


Simply using hot rollers can replicate a flawless blow-dry if you have fine hair. Dry your hair just a little while getting dressed, add a volumizing spray, and then put the rollers in. The greatest strategy is to keep them in as long as you can.

Tips for blow-drying curly hair

Drying curly hair with a diffuser is just as straightforward as drying straight hair. Invert towel-dried hair onto a diffuser set to medium heat, add the blow-dry cream, and scrunch gently. Thick or unruly hair will gain natural volume and dry more evenly as a result. Apply a curl balm to the hair before curling it to ensure that the curls are defined, bouncy, and healthy-looking. If you don’t have a balm, a great leave-in conditioner or oil can produce comparable results. Blow-dry the front section of the hair forward to prevent it from falling into an awkward or uneven parting.

Tips for blow-drying Afro hair

If you want to straighten afro hair, you need a hot, professional hair dryer. For best results, always use a small or narrow nozzle on the end of your hair drier. To create a smooth finish, they raise the air stream’s pressure, making it stronger and flowing more swiftly. When blow-drying curly, wavy, or frizzy hair, the greatest results are produced by using a hair brush with natural bristles and applying tension, especially in the root area. To avoid breaking the hair, only briefly smooth the root of the hair with hot air before finishing with cool air.

To control curls or frizz, start by liberally spraying on a leave-in moisturiser. After using a soft bristle hair brush to smooth out the hair at your hairline, section off the rest of your hair and begin the blow-drying process.

Tips for blow-drying long hair

To swiftly dry very long hair, begin your blow-dry with the best hair dryer at the nape and dry in a circular manner. Because heat rises, focusing only in one place will guarantee that the entire back of your hair is dried. This will offer you more time to customise the remaining parts of your blow-dry by using a curling iron or hair brush. A great technique is to blow-dry your hair the day before and style it into a loose bun on top of your head. If you sleep with your hair in a bun, it will appear a little untidy and move about throughout the night.

In order to prevent kinks and create volume and bounce that lasts for a long time, we typically suggest blow-drying sections into curls for an effortless bouncy blow-dry before pinning them up with setting pins. Once your hair has cooled, let the curls naturally drop, then run your fingers over them to make them look more wearable. Spray some light hairspray on the end to keep everything in place.

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first published:December 13, 2022, 11:25 IST
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