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DIY Office Decor Ideas to Jazz up the Spirit of Republic Day

Photo Credits: Siddhartha Safaya/NEWS18

Photo Credits: Siddhartha Safaya/NEWS18

Give your work station, a graceful, creative feel!

India is celebrating its 68th Republic Day and it's a wonderful occasion for us, as a nation to cherish our achievements and fuel our patriotism. Be it in a small way or big, this congratulatory occasion calls for our participation. So, whether you are planning a gathering at your office or just thinking of decorating it, here are some striking ideas to liven up the decor of your office this Republic Day.

Let's create a warm, inviting space that inspires our employees and impresses our guests.

Tricolor origami flowers

Photo Credits: Siddhartha Safaya/NEWS18

Brighten up your office space with beautiful abstract origami flowers that can effortlessly adorn and jazz up your office interiors.


1) Take 6 pieces of crepe paper and fold them to make a Chinese fan.

2) Tie the middle of the fan with a fine wire that are easily available at your nearest stationary shop.

3) Trim the edges of the fan to make a U-shape.

4) Lift the first layer of the sheet in the opposite direction.

5) Repeat the step and adjust according to your choice of flower shape.

Tricolor woolen cap

Photo Credits: Siddhartha Safaya/NEWS18

Another unique way to build up the atmosphere and intensity of republic day is to make these quirky tiny caps that also sum up the winter season vibes.


1) For this DIY, cut a toilet paper cardboard roll in to rings.

2) Also, cut 6 inches strands of orange and green wool yarn.

3) Tie the yarn strand around the ring to leave a string attached.

4) Repeat the process until you cover the entire length of the ring.

5) Hold all the loose strings together and tie then with another piece of yarn.

6) Trim the upper portion of the strands to give a pom-pom effect to the cap.

Marble effect Tricolor bottle vase

Photo Credits: Siddhartha Safaya/NEWS18

Flower vase are a big yes to the office interiors. They not only provide freshness to the dull breathing space, but also aid in enhancing the ambience of the space by reverberating positivity.


1) Take an empty drink bottle and paint it completely with a white acrylic paint and let it dry.

2) Fill a bowl with water entirely to the rim.

3) Pour orange colour nail paint drop by drop in the water.

4) Repeat the process with a green nail paint.

5) Nail paints will form a fine film on the surface of the water.

6) Dip the bottle till half of the length.

7) This will transfer a marble effect colour on your bottle.

Quirky yarn planter

Photo Credits: Siddhartha Safaya/NEWS18

Use Republic Day as an occasion to decorate a planter. This will give patriotic spin to your desk.


1) Take an empty bottle and paste a string of orange colored yarn to its rim.

2) Roll and cover the bottle till half with the string.

3) Carefully stick the finishing end of the string.

4) Fill the bottle with water and place a few twigs of money plant in it.

Wishing you all a Happy Republic Day! Let your heartwarming decor salute the indomitable spirit of India!

first published:January 25, 2017, 16:21 IST