DIY: Turn Plastic Waste to Craft and Attractive Pieces

DIY: Turn Plastic Waste to Craft and Attractive Pieces

Reusing and recycling the plastic waste into something useful and fashionable will helpbreduce the plastic piling up in the world. Take a look at some of these DIY projects.

DIY has made people use their creativity and skills to craft beautiful home items, décor or gifts. Creating best out of the plastic waste available at your house is a step closer to save the environment.

Plastic pollution is the most hazardous to the environment worldwide. Plastic waste poses the greatest threat to human health and ecosystems. It is found that 5 to 13 million tonnes of plastics pile up in the oceans every year. So, reusing and recycling the plastic waste into something useful and fashionable will help to reduce the plastic piling up in the world.

Let’s use some of this DIY to create the plastic waste into beautiful crafts.

Make a DIY Plastic Bottle Planter

You can create animal-inspired planters from plastic bottles. All you need is a 2-litres bottle, colours or paint to make into a cute indoor planter. Follow the steps below to make your own DIY plastic bottle planter:

· Cut the 2-litre bottle by one-third from the bottom.

· Shape and cut two triangles on one side of the bottle to make ears.

· Then paint the bottle with the colour of your choice.

· Draw the face of a cat or dog on the bottle.

· Fill the bottle with soil and plant the seeds.

Make a DIY pen holder

Cut a bottle into half and decorate the piece with beautiful colour, thread and glitters to create a lovely pen holder for your office or kids.

Make a mosaic art hanging with plastic caps

Gather as much bottle caps you can from your house and neighbours. Take a canvas or cardboard sheet, glue and paints. Then find a picture which you want to create. Paint the bottle caps according to the requirement of the picture. Outline roughly by using a pencil. And place the painted caps on the cardboard with glue following your creativity. Your mosaic art is now done. Use fun patterns to create designs on your walls too.

Make a floor rug from plastic bags

Collect as much plastic bags you can find, say 100 plastic carry bags. Sort out in accordance with its colours. You will also need scissors, a needle and a thread.

Then choose a pattern you want to create. Cut into long strips with two-inches wide. Then make a knot and start braiding the strips with the same colours.

Lay the braided strips in the form of spiral pattern to make the rug. Then use the needle and the thread to stitch across the strips to hold the spiral together.

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