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DJ Khaled's Son Asahd Wears a $100000 Watch and Might Steal your Heart Too

Image courtesy: Instagram/ asahdkhaled

Image courtesy: Instagram/ asahdkhaled

Asahd wears a $100,000 watch and produced his first album at 4 months old.

Let's talk about the fabulous life of an almost 2-year-old kid. Asahd Khaled is not like most kids, as his father is famous producer/life coach DJ Khaled, and that comes with all sorts of benefits. Asahd has had cameras flashing in his direction literally since his birth, which was captured live on his father's iconic Snapchat page. Let's take a look at his lavish life and cute antics that'll leave you asking for more!

1) Asahd is spotted decked up in Gucci suits with a burgeoning swag. Even when confronted with the paparazzi, Asahd is cool as a cucumber. Remember the time when DJ Khaled hit the Grammy red carpet with the best date possible: his son!

2) Baby Asahd has his own verified Instagram. Jealous? Pretty much!

My all gray look...thanks uncle @terrellish for making me fly! Lol

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3) Asahd was already an executive producer at 4-months! Between naps and diaper changes, he began 'working' as the executive producer of DJ Khaled’s tenth studio album 'grateful'. According to the famed DJ/producer, it was a yes to the beats and music when Asahd grinned merrily.

Toddler Goals #Icons

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4) Though just a toddler, Asahd Khaled is seen wearing Jordan sneakers all the time. He holds a giant collection of Jordan, Yeezy, and Gucci sneakers - all sized for his tiny feet. Inspired by Asahd’s red carpet style, Jordan brand teamed up with Asahd Khaled for a limited-edition kid apparel and accessories collection. Asahd became the first child to ink a deal with Jordan Kids Collab Apparel, making history.

– Today is a proud day for me not only as a father but for the young kid that still lives inside my heart. I was a kid when I was introduced to the iconic Jordan sneaker. It represented everything I wanted to be aka a winner and the flyest kid on the block. So imagine the joy I felt knowing that my son Asahd Khaled would have the opportunity to have his own partnership with the Jordan brand. @wethebestmusic @jumpman23 – From executive producer to award show performer, DJ Khaled’s son Asahd Tuck Khaled is a heavy hitter in the music industry – now, the 16-month old makes a name for himself in the children’s wear world. Inspired by Asahd’s red carpet style, Jordan brand teams up with Asahd Khaled for a limited-edition kid apparel and accessories collection. With Asahd’s young spirit and creative mind, the collection will offer a range of colorful and sporty tops, bottom, hats, and socks that bring the style of Asahd through the lens of the Jordan brand. ____ The limited-edition Asahd Khaled x Jordan Collection will debut at the invitation-only Rookie USA fashion show and give Asahd the chance to expand his resume as he will be the designer and model on the runway. The show is presented by Haddad Brands and take place on February 15th at MILK in Los Angeles. The show will benefit DJ Khaled’s charity organization, WE THE BEST Foundation - the Asahd Initiative. The Asahd Initiative is to serve and donate to underprivileged children and was named after DJ Khaled’s son. _____ “Asahd is eternally #GRATEFUL that Jordan sees his full potential and wants to show the world he is more than a music mogul – he is a force to be reckoned with,” says DJ Khaled. SIZES: 0 – 20 (Kids) WHERE TO BUY: Kids Foot Locker; Rookie Pop-up Shop (Downtown LA) @kidsfootlocker @rookie_usa @haddad_usa

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5) DJ Khaled posted an Instagram video of himself going to the Rolex store to buy his almost 2-year-old son an expensive watch, which the counter employee says costs $34,000. No problem for someone like Khaled, who has Asahd's wrist measured before placing the watch on his wrist. Based on watching this video, it doesn't seem like there's anyone on Earth who was less excited to have been given a Rolex. Given that Asahd probably doesn't know what a Rolex is, it's not surprising.

6) Thanks to his role in the music industry, Asahd rolls with all the prominent hip-hop artists. His famous friends include Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Zac Efron, Future, Justin Bieber, Diddy, Nas, Big Sean, and more. You see, Asahd is already rubbing elbows with some music bigwigs.

7) Asahd is only a 1 year old and can swim better than most of the adults! Watch this toddler making swimming look pretty easy for everybody!

Swimming 🏊 getting ready for our family vacation !

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8) For his first birthday, Asahd invited all of his celebrity friends to one of the most exclusive Miami clubs and got a $100,000 present from daddy - a watch encrusted with 600 total diamonds.

This toddler definitely gave us cuteness overload chilling like it's nothing! Isn't he the iciest baby ever?

first published:July 24, 2018, 09:12 IST