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Festive Season: Plan Your Staycation or Weekend Gateway to Escape from the Stressful Pandemic

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Representative Image.

As the festive season approaches, here are some creative ideas to enjoy your free days without letting the Coronavirus pandemic hamper your spirits.

Weekend getaways are the key to a happy and stress-free life amidst the chaos of work and personal life. It is the best way to escape the hustle-bustle of city life. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has made it more difficult to go for a gateway for peace of mind. But you can still go for a quick getaway while taking precautions against the virus.

Some of the destinations to relax from your hectic schedule are:


This place will give you a refreshing weekend getaway. The is one of the famous Tibetan towns of the country and you can see the beautiful blend of Indian and Tibetan culture. The natural beauty of the place will mesmerize you and will give you un-forgetting memories of the place.


Dehradun is a gorgeous place surrounded by mountains, valley, and rivers. You can visit places like Robber’s Cave, Mussoorie Hills, Sahastradhara and much more to explore the scenic beauty of the place.


Kaas is a famous Valley of Flowers of Maharashtra with beautiful hues of flowers. In the season of autumn, the barren plateau is filled with different species of flora making it the best places for gateways to behold a different colour and experience from your hectic and stress-full life.


Nashik has become an escape place for the weekend, especially for the people in Mumbai and Pune. The vineyards are a perfect place to ease your eyes and get some stunning shots for your Instagram followers. While you get to taste the fresh wine from the place, you can also experience their amazing stay options.

On the other hand, if you have no time and fund to plan a weekend gateway then staycation is the best option to relax and experience a fun vacation.

Here are some staycation ideas to have a break from your hectic life:

Spa Day

Plan a DIY spa time with your friends or your girls to have some relaxing, beautiful skin time. Get some affordable face mask or make one with your kitchen ingredients. You can do some manicure-pedicure with basic steps and supplies to spice up your spa day.

Camping in your courtyard

Even if you can’t have a wilderness camping trip, you can still enjoy a great outdoors camp in your own backyard. Put out your tent or make a makeshift tent using plastic sheets. Decorate with lights and pillows and blankets. You can enjoy with your own barbeque chicken and chill bear with a bond fire with your loved ones.

Take a long drive

It is not necessary to have an overnight stay to have a great weekend. Hop in your car and drive to the countryside or getaway to nearby farms or riverside. It will freshen up your mind and body.

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