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Five Essential Skincare Tips for Men After Workout

Five Essential Skincare Tips for Men After Workout

Caring for the skin, is very much essential for men after a heavy workout session but is usually not prioritised. Here are some important steps for maintaining clear skin post work-out.

Skincare is a vital need for all sexes, even though men may not pay as much attention to it as necessary. Men appear to be usually more inclined towards muscle-building and overall fitness. Caring for the skin, however, is very much essential after a heavy workout session, for men.

Hit the shower

Intensive workout at a gym burns a lot of calories, but also produces lots of sweat and oils. Bacteria and Fungus are known to thrive on moist surfaces. These can cause skin problems like acne or other fungal infections. Showering also helps remove any dirt, salts and oil which accumulate on our bodies and block the skin pores after a workout. Just make sure to cool yourself down a bit before you hop in.

Body wash and face wash


As you turn on the shower knob, it is advisable to use a body wash or shower gel and a face wash that can help in cleaning the accumulated dirt, salts and excess oil secreted by the skin during a workout session. Washing the face after a workout also helps remove dead skin cells from the surface. Ideally, the washes should be free from chemicals. There are many organic skin care products available for men.

Change those gym clothes

Any dedicated workout session will cause a lot of sweating. These sweats accumulate on our clothes. If not cleaned properly, they will cause skin infections, apart from stench because of bacterial growth. So, it is advisable to keep a fresh pair of shirt and trouser and innerwear in the gym bag, along with a clean towel.

Drink lots of water

As we exercise, the blood vessels in our muscles get dilated. Our body temperature rises. Our skin pores release accumulated water in the form of sweat to reduce the excess temperature. Eventually, we tend to become dehydrated to a certain extent. To rehydrate ourselves, we must drink an ample amount of water.


Moisturisers help restore skin hydration after taking a shower. Products made with organic ingredients can help restore skin tonicity and overall skin health.

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