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Five Tips to Treat Your Hair Right and Get That Shiny, Healthy Mane

Image: Representative Image/ Getty images

Image: Representative Image/ Getty images

From following a balanced diet to using the right kind of pillowcase, follow these simple rules to take care of your hair.

Who doesn't want a long, shiny mane? For that, it is essential to treat your hair right. Here are a few tips to show love to your neglected tresses.

* Balanced diet

Junk food and caffeine can be disastrous for your hair quality and growth. Make sure you include protein-rich food in your diet, as well lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables. Water too can work wonders on hair.

* Say no to hair-styling using heat

Avoid too much heat-based styling in salons. Prolonged use of blow dryers, straightening and curling irons can lead to thinning and falling of hair. Heat can also cause split ends. Let your hair dry naturally in the air, and while using a dryer, put it on 'cold' setting.

* Consider changing your pillow cover

Eight hours of tossing and turning on a cotton pillowcase may cause friction. So, if you wake up with a million strands of hair on your pillow, consider a switch to silk or satin cover.

* Avoid tight buns and ponytails

Tight hairstyles may make you look more put-together, but are tugging away at your hair roots and scalp. To avoid hair loss, let your hair loose, or better, braid them up to protect them from exposure to pollution and dust. Keep changing your hairstyles so you are not wearing the same one everyday. Statement hairdos are unique, but a little change is always good.

* Clean everything your hair comes in contact with

Regularly clean out hair brushes, combs, styling products, even hair ties and bands, so that your hair are not feaing with bacteria.

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