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From Walking to Drinking Green Tea Daily, Five Ways to Lose Belly Fat Easily

From Walking to Drinking Green Tea Daily, Five Ways to Lose Belly Fat Easily

From walking to green tea, a few simple steps inculcated in your daily routine can help.you get rid of belly fat forever.

It must be embarrassing to wake up every morning and notice the bulging lump of fat in one’s belly. It gets worse when someone else makes it a subject of discussion. Belly fats can and have also led to arguments among couples and cause emotional distress for the person in question. All of this is avoidable if one follows a simple set of activities, daily, to bid goodbye to belly fat forever.


This is the most commonly heard suggestion for those with excess abdominal fat and is arguably the best suggestion. Walking helps heat up the body better regulates blood flow and burns fat. Those who are obese are always at a risk of clogged arteries and heart failure. So, walking helps minimise such risks.



Pedalling the bicycle helps in the reduction of belly fat as the legs put pressure on the stomach muscles and ft deposits. Cycling is also a great way to increase the metabolism of the body and tone our leg muscles.

Fibre-rich diet

We tend to feel quite hungry after a workout session. Those who suffer from obesity must exercise caution, however. The ideal diet for those hoping to burn belly fat is a fibre-rich one. Such foods take longer to digest, discourage the frequency of hunger and help us lose weight. Whole grains, oats, vegetables like carrots, radish and beetroot and fruits such as apple, orange and guava are rich in fibre.

Green Tea

Most people cannot imagine a morning without a cup of tea mixed with milk. Those who intend to burn belly fat must ditch the milk tea in favour of green tea. The latter contains caffeine which is known to aid in weight loss. Further, green tea also contains antioxidants that help one lose belly fat.

Honey and Lemon Water

Many, who wish to get rid of belly fat, choose to sip warm water in the morning, mixed with fresh lemon juice and honey. What the concoction does is reduce our calorie intake and keep us full before lunch. Unlike refined sugar or sugary drinks, honey and lemon water contains fewer calories.

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