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Gigi Hadid Prefers Wearing Shorts Over Skirts

Image: Reuters Pictures

Image: Reuters Pictures

She just hates wearing a skirt!

Model Gigi Hadid says she would always choose to wear shorts instead of skirts.

Asked if she prefers shorts or skirts, she said: "Shorts because I hate a skirt. Don't hate a skirt, but like don't want to wear it, you know what I mean?."

When it comes to her swimwear, Hadid switches between one-pieces and bikinis depending on what her plans are, reports femalefirst.co.uk

"I feel sportier in a one-piece, you know what I mean? Like when I'm playing volleyball I want to wear a one-piece. But, if you want a tan you've got to wear a bikini," she said.

Hadid opts for low-maintenance hair when she is ready for a summer outing.

In a video interview for Reebok, for whom she is a global ambassador, she answered a series of quickfire questions. When asked about her hair, she said: "Beach waves, because sleek and straight takes too long."

As for accessories, she opts for sunglasses over a hat and prefers sneakers to sandals, but they must be "fresh out of the box" and not worn in.

If she has some time to spare, Hadid will usually opt for the beach given the chance.

Asked beach or pool, she said: "Probably beach, but I do enjoy pool sometimes."

She also favoured a beach getaway over a city break and couldn't believe people would opt for a morning hike over a late night stroll on the sand.

She said: "Late night beach stroll. Who wants to go on hikes? I love you people who also go on hikes,I don't judge you, I just don't want to go myself."

first published:July 10, 2017, 09:40 IST