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Glam Up for 2019: 9 ways to Nail New Year's Eve Fashion


Last Updated: December 31, 2018, 16:36 IST

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

This New Years Eve, ditch the bling and get a little experimental. Try colour blocking, layering and accessorising right to ace the party look.

New Year's Eve outfits do not necessarily have to be all sequins and glitter. Those aren't the only styling hacks you need to follow to create the perfect outfit to ring in the New Year. Anything sequined, shiny, or metallic is predictable. If you're in the mood experiment, try a styling combination that's a little away from the conventional.

From colour blocking to focusing on the details, little things can go a long way to make a statement outfit. Be it a statement-sleeve top, Or putting together two of your favorite colours in the same outfit, or finding a cool way to layer up, the options are endless. Whether you’re hosting a house party or going out with friends, these style tips will help you create an outfit that will outdo all the glitter options you had lined up.

1. Colour block: Opt for a pastel monochrome outfit or colour block your skirt with your top in bright contrasts - the more colour the better. Use reds, bright pinks to stand out in the crowd.

2. Keep it classy: If subtle is your style, it doesn't have to be boring. You can never go wrong with a blazer and palazzo pants in basic shades. Add your favourite lipstick colour and you're good to go.

3. Accessorizing is key: Choose one statement piece to draw attention to, and plan your outfit around it. It could be an amazing pair of boots or a statement neck piece.

4. Focus on the details: This follows the tip above. Let a few things in your look stand out. Whether it's statement sleeves or standout shoes, focus on a few key details that will make your outfit pop, rather than going for an allover disco-ball look.

5. Layering can be tricky: If you are celebrating New Year in cold weather, layering is a necessity. Even if you are not, you can use this trick to create a clever outfit and show off your fashion prowess - whether it's a dress over pants or a gown over an asymmetrical top.

6. Be comfy: You do not have to kill yourself in a tight-fitting top or pants. Take the most comfy and unexpected of party outfits and put them together to create just that - a party outfit! Layer a slip-on dress with a floor length shrug. Or put together sporty separates with an oversized jacket. It could be your 'I'm too cool to dress up' look.

7. Sweater it out: Turtle necks, pullovers - you can never go wrong with them for a wintery look. Pair them with an A-line skirt and ankle length boots for a semi-formal look, which will come in handy especially if you are heading to a party after work.

8. Go crazy with pleather: We're going a little conventional with this one, because who doesn't love the shine of faux leather? The best way to be animal friendly and fashionable at the same time, while sticking to the budget, too.

9. Head-y fashion: If you are planning to be out in the open, there is no way you can step out without a beanie or a beret. Wear one in a colour contrasting with your outfit, and watch your look get an instant dose of pop. Best way to stay warm and look cool.

first published:December 31, 2018, 16:36 IST
last updated:December 31, 2018, 16:36 IST