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Hair Loss Treatment Using Oil Based on Onions

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Last Updated: December 06, 2022, 14:56 IST

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To think that an onion is only employed in food form would be erroneous.

To think that an onion is only employed in food form would be erroneous.

The components in onions—folic acid, vitamin C, and sulfur—help to prevent breakage, thinning, scalp infections, and early graying

One of the most important ingredients in Indian food is the onion, which enhances every delicious plate and satisfies the palate from the appetiser to the main meal. But it would be incorrect to believe that an onion is solely used in edible form. Yes, onion has numerous medicinal benefits according to Ayurveda, which has used it for centuries in a variety of successful products. One such industry where products with an onion base are quite prevalent is haircare.

In order to prevent breakage, thinning, scalp infections, and early greying, onions include folic acid, vitamin C, and sulphur. An effective anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, antioxidant, and antibacterial treatment for your scalp and hair can be obtained when the onion is used in hair oil. Let’s examine some major factors that contribute to hair loss and how onion oil may help prevent hair loss.

What are some potential causes of hair loss?


It’s a typical biological process to get older. Every part of the body is impacted by this, including the skin, which develops fine lines, and the bones, which become more brittle. The condition of hair deteriorates similarly. Less hair volume results from hair follicles’ diminished capacity to produce new hair as we age.

Imbalance of hormones

Due to hormonal imbalance, hair loss affects women far more frequently than males. In women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, hair growth and loss in atypical skin patches are rather common.

Genetic influences

Both men and women are affected by this problem, even though the hereditary component is more obvious in men, particularly in the appearance of male-pattern baldness. In addition to determining hair type and quality, genetics can cause hair follicles to shrink and stop producing new hair.

Dietary deficiencies

For healthy hair, nutrition is essential. Proteins are the foundation of hair, and zinc and magnesium are also crucial for maintaining hair health. Inadequate hair health and loss can be caused by poor nutrition or nutritional inadequacy brought on by crash diets.

Medical issues

Your hair’s health might be harmed by scalp infections. Untreated scalp conditions can cause significant hair loss, especially over the patcher area where the infection is more pronounced. Likewise, within a few weeks of starting chemotherapy, cancer patients frequently experience hair loss. This is because some healthy hair follicles are killed by the radiation because it doesn’t just affect sick cells but also healthy ones. Additionally, many women experience temporary hair loss following pregnancy for a few months due to the drop in oestrogen levels. Similar to this, thyroid sufferers may also lose huge clumps and tufts of hair.

Advantages of onion hair oil:

  1. Enhances the cycle of hair growth: Specific enzymes on the scalp can be activated by onion oil, which helps to optimise the hair-growth cycle. This leads to quicker hair growth and fewer hair loss, giving the mane a healthier appearance.
  2. Stops thinning and breaking: Due to its high sulphur content, onion oil can aid in preventing split ends, hair thinning, and hair breakage. Sulfur contributes to the production of protein in our hair, which is necessary for strand strength, which is why this happens.
  3. Prevents accelerated ageing: Certain enzymes found in onion oil can help prevent free radical damage to your hair and delay the onset of premature greying.
  4. Maintains the pH of the scalp: A healthy, balanced scalp is essential for having beautiful hair, and onion oil can help by maintaining the pH levels of your scalp.
  5. Defends against bacterial infections: Regularly massaging onion oil into the scalp can help stop dandruff, itching, and bacterial infections.
  6. A natural conditioner: To prevent your shampoo from dehydrating your scalp, be sure to massage onion oil through your hair before washing it. In this case, onion oil can be used as a natural conditioner. Additionally, you can use onion conditioner after washing your hair if you didn’t grease it first.
  7. Boosts the texture of hair: Your hair can become lustrous, smooth, moisturised, and frizz-free by using regular onion oil.

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