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Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try This Year

Image: REUTERS/Phil Noble

Image: REUTERS/Phil Noble

Makeup ideas to take your spooky look to the next level.

Don't want to go for a scary look for Halloween? Well, you can turn into a style diva like Cleopatra with no hassle, say experts.

Sushma Khan, National Creative Director - Makeup, Lakmé Salon and TIGI Educator Audrey D'Souza, have decoded some Halloween looks.

1. Unicorn

By Sushma Khan: Create a super smooth and clear base by applying foundation using a strobing technique. Go undercover with a concealer pen, covering dark circles and treating blemishes.

Throw some shades and don't be colour shy.

Work with soft eyeliner pencils as a base, which helps colour stay put on your lids and prevent creasing. Using a pale blue pencil, apply it to the back of your hand. Transfer colour from your hand, with a fluffy, dome-shaped brush, to the inner corner of your eye toward the middle of your lid.

Next, apply a turquoise eye pencil (using the same technique) from the outer corner to the middle of the lid. Blend to diffuse the line where the colours meet. To set the lid, go over each color with the same shade in powder form with a fluffy brush. Dot an iridescent shadow along the inner corner using a flat eyeliner brush for that dreamy shine.

Use a pink eyeliner for the bottom line. Use the same brush technique with a cobalt blue pencil applied to the back of your hand and sweep from the inner corner until it meets the pink shade in the middle of your lid. Softly blend the two shades with a brush. Define the eyes with a swipe of black mascara on top lashes and a vivid blue mascara on bottom lashes.

Opt for a candy pink pout. Finish off the look by using a holographic highlighter mixed with glittery pink shade to highlight your best features such as the cheekbones, forehead and collar bones. Don't forget to stick on some rhinestone bindis to give off that magical sparkle.

By Audrey D'Souza: This one is for all the experimenters- you'll first need to bleach your hair if you haven't already. Determine where you want certain colours to be. You'll want to start at your roots, so the best way to create color variation is to split your hair into multiple sections and pin them out of the way with lobster clips so that you can work one by one.

Try a combination of the pink, ash grey, purple, blue and aqua. Pick whichever shades you'd like -- this look is totally customisable, so it's all up to you.

Going section by section, apply your shades according to the directions. Continue this process until you have a few chunks of every colour all over your head. Once you have your new rainbow hue, wash with a color protecting shampoo and conditioner.

Apply a body mousse. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and secure flyways with bobby pins.

Apply a generous amount of silver glitter from the roots to the hair-tie length. Finish off with a unicorn hairband.

2. Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

By Sushma Khan: Rosy lips are classy cat eyes is an evergreen trend. The key to wearing it effortlessly is choosing the right shade and balancing it with winged eyes.

Start with a lip liner which matches your lipstick shade and outline your lip. Warmer skin tones can opt for desert rose pinks as they will complement your complexion. People with cool undertones can opt for baby pinks and shades of orange that will accentuate the skin colour.

Next, carefully fill in your lips with the chosen shade using a lipstick brush. Use a nude shimmer shadow on your eye-lids and highlight the arches below the brows. Create a neat winged line with a liquid liner and finish with a coat of mascara.

By Audrey D'Souza: This one's for those who like to keep it classy. Flip your head over. Brush the top part of your hair so that it looks relatively smooth and give the top section a shot of volumising hairspray. Pull the sides tightly and pin them back using a few bobby pins.

Take the bottom section of your hair and pull it together as if yo''re doing a low ponytail. Twist it tightly upward and fold it over so that the twist is half up and half down. Slightly tuck everything inward to hide the roll and add as many bobby pins necessary.

Just like the initial bouffant roll, make sure a few of the bobby pins are positioned at the top and the bottom of the little rolled section you've just created. It should sort of hide seamlessly, but don't beat yourself up if it turns out a bit messy. The result is a bonafide beehive.

Add a sparkly hair accessory.

3. Cleopatra

By Sushma Khan: The first thing to do is to wash your face clean and perfectly. Having done that, put on a moisturising cream, follow it up with a makeup base and a good concealer to hide dark circles under your eyes. Now apply a quality foundation on your face, necklace line. If you have oily skin or problems like pimples or blemishes, then apply a face powder.

Nexeyeshadowst your eyes with cream eye shadows in stronger colours such as gold and blue. Use a liquid black liner to draw a straight line along your upper and lower eyelashes. Continue drawing the line on the upper eyelid without stopping at the outer corner of the eye and turn the lines into a tail in the inner corner.

Finish the look by subtly highlighting your cheeks using a light pink blush.

By Audrey D'Souza: For all the girls with short hair, the Cleopatra bob is a legendary style to achieve. It's all about your haircut, so colour your hair jet-black and get those long straight bangs and the easy-to-maintain bob cut.

first published:October 30, 2017, 08:35 IST