Happy Diwali 2020: Nail Art to Glam Up Your Look for the Festival of Lights

nail art

nail art

To brighten your Diwali this year, we bring to you some unique nail art designs for the festive season.

Diwali will be celebrated across the country on November 14 this year. The celebrations are expected to be unlike the previous years due to the Covid-19 outbreak. It will be difficult to attend crowded Diwali parties because of the fear of getting the coronavirus. Face masks are a must when meeting people these days.

Even though the Covid-19 crisis has made it difficult to enjoy Diwali in the company of people, there is nothing that can stop you from dressing up nicely on the festival. To brighten your Diwali this year, we bring to you some unique nail art designs for the festive season.

1. An art with white nail paint as the base colour can give you a serene Diwali look. You can make diyas and colourful fairy lights on the nails. The many colours used in the nail art allows you to wear any dress and the nail paint will match with your attire.

2. You may or may not burst firecrackers but can experience a fun Diwali with this nail design. The colours used are bright and you can wear a solid coloured dress without any patterns to highlight this little complicated but gorgeous nail art. The design will take some time but the end result will look beautiful.

3. With the same design on every nail, this art is less complicated and also doesn’t look chaotic so it is for those who are more inclined towards keeping things uniform. With a dark coloured base on the nail (black, dark blue), diyas are made with pink, orange and yellow colours.

4. This design is meant for those who like adding many colours to the nail art. Different patterns for all the nails make it look interesting. You can use colours of your choice, however, in this design, predominantly pink, white, green, yellow colours have been used.

5. The predominantly black coloured nail art will give you a modern look this Diwali. With different patterns and ‘Happy Diwali’ written on one of the nails, the design is simple to make and looks clean. You can add embellishments like glitters to make the design more glamorous.

We hope this tips will help you glam up your talons this Diwali.

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